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Mom, Thanks for Squeezing Me Out Card @ohbotherblog
“Mom, thanks for squeezing me out” card from witandwhistle

As my first ever Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about gifts that I would be totally psyched to receive. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been called a pretty good gift giver. And so, I present:


10 perfect first mother's day gifts @ohbotherblog

  1. A house cleaning. You can buy a gift card from Merry Maids or similar. Or, be a real pal and clean her house for her.
  2. An Amazon gift card, or share your Amazon Prime account with her. Trust me, nothing beats ordering 300 diapers and having them delivered to your house two days later.
  3. A massage or a spa day. Find a licensed massage therapist here through this amta search. A mani/pedi is a sure winner as well.
  4. A professional photography session. Foot the bill for a mommy-and-me photo session so mom can get in front of the camera, instead of behind it, for once.
  5. A blow out (the hair kind, not the diaper kind). A good hair day can lift anyone’s spirits. Give her a gift certificate for a blow out at her favorite salon. Or, shoot, I’d even take a bottle of dry shampoo. I like Tigi Bed Head.
  6. An hour. Give her one baby-free hour to use how she pleases. Target run?
  7. A gourmet meal at home. Share the joy of cooking (ha!) with a Blue Apron gift subscription. All the fresh ingredients, plus the recipes for one, two or four weeks of delicious, homecooked meals. Better yet, come over and cook them for her.
  8. A night out. Offer to babysit so she and dad can go out to eat. Or screw dad, let her go out with her girlfriends!
  9. A morning in. Come over early in the morning and offer to get up with the baby so she can sleep in past 7am for the first time in months.
  10. A bottle of wine. Or go for the gold and enter her in a Wine of the Month club. What happens while the baby is asleep, stays while the baby is asleep.

Actually, I’m pretty sure any mom (first-time or not) would appreciate these gifts!

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