holden’s obscene baby blanket



My Nanny (grandmother) died two years ago today. She was a strong, stubborn, funny woman and I believe I got my trucker’s mouth from her. One of her favorite sayings was “damn good”: “Nanny, how was your dinner?” “Damn good.” “Nanny, how are you feeling?” “I’m doing damn good.”

To honor her and to give Holden an idea of how special her Nanny 1 was, I had her pajamas and some *select* tshirts made into a custom baby blanket from 3stitchcreations on etsy. I’m pretty sure I have the only baby blanket on the planet that includes the word “damn” and an f-bomb. Nanny would be so proud. (Yes, I’ll be packing the blanket away once Holden learns to read.)

Custom baby blanket made to honor pinner's Grandmother - "F--- Cancer" and "Damn Good" @ohbotherblog

Nanny actually predicted my pregnancy on her deathbed. I hope she would think I’m a damn good mom.

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