the truth about diaper cakes



Listen up baby-shower-going ladies: I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but diaper cakes suck.

I know, I know, they are adorable. Yes, they serve as both a centerpiece and a gift. I will admit to having given them as gifts once or twice. Or three times. I may or may not have even written a tutorial on a crappy old blog of mine on how to make a diaper cake.

But after giving birth to my daughter, I learned the truth about diaper cakes: unrolling 100 rubber bands from 100 diapers is the worst. So I beg of you, on behalf of new moms everywhere: enough with the diaper cakes… or, for that matter, anything that requires extensive disassembly, unrolling or untying. I’m looking at you, big ol’ basket made of rolled-up diapers or golf bag made of diapers.

Still insisting on the diaper cake? Here are some no-roll diaper cakes that won’t make the new mom curse your name:

no-roll diaper cakes, folded diaper cakes

Or, you could always just go with one of these jobbies:

Best diaper cake ever - diaper box cake

Slap a bow on there and you’re good to go! If you want to get fancy, you could wrap the boxes in inside-out wrapping paper to make a uniform white cake.

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  • Miki

    YES! you are sooo right! I also lean towards making diaper wheel cakes that any mom could unravel and use in seconds. forget those awkward rubber bands!

    • ohbothermeg

      Right?! I thought I was so cute, bringing diaper cakes to all my friends’ showers. Then I had a baby and realized that they all must have been hating me, haha!

  • oh, bother.: throw a diaper sprinkle

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