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Pinterest FAIL: Oh Happy Day's mini cakes @ohbotherblog

top (good looking) photo by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

So after my massive FAIL with my first attempt at Holden’s smash cake, I wanted to try again. While I figured out the rainbow cupcakes this time around, I experienced a second heartbreaking fail when it came to the smash cake.

I had been eyeing the super cute mini cakes that you make in soup cans on Pinterest for a few years. Oh Happy Day has a gorgeous and (I thought) easy-to-follow tutorial for mini cakes on her site. I was envisioning making Holden’s smash cake white, with multi-colored frosting in between the layers. Adorable, right?

From Oh Happy Day’s tutorial, it looks like the mini cake should go like this:

  1. Regular box cake mix
  2. Empty a soup can. Clean it out. Flour it.
  3. Fill the can halfway with batter.
  4. When the cake is finished and cooled, cut it into layers.
  5. Frost in between the layers.
  6. Admire the cuteness.

Did it actually work out that way? Spoiler alert: no.

So I mixed up the batter and floured the can. I think I went wrong right from the start because I used a larger pineapple-chunk can when I probably should have just stuck with a little Campbell’s can. Why do I always try to go bigger?

Mini Cakes Fail Step One: the mix @ohbotherblog

Then I filled that can halfway (the rest of the batter I used for my rainbow cupcake win):

Mini Cakes Fail Step Two: fill the soup can halfway @ohbotherblog

And I baked it up. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t looking good:

Mini Cake Fai Step 3: deflated top @ohbotherblog

My cute little cake was looking a little… deflated in the middle. Not wanting to make the same mistake I did with the first batch of rainbow cupcakes and overbake, I took it out of the oven. Oh hey, look at that: the cake isn’t cooked at all in the middle, yet it’s baked on the outside! It’s a big hollow ring o’cake!

Mini Cake Fail Step Four: Take the cake out of the can  @ohbotherblog

So clearly the cutting-into-layers-and-frosting-them-with-cute-rainbow-icing part didn’t work out. Again, pretty sure this whole fail is due to the fact that I consistently choose the wrong cake mold, haha. Now you know: it is possible to pick the wrong kind of aluminum can.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do about her smash cake now. Not sure if the mini cake is worth a redo or if I should just suck it up and buy something. There definitely will be rainbow cupcakes at least!

Seriously though, check out Oh Happy Day’s mini cake tutorial if you want to give these a shot. Her whole site is beautiful and she has so many great party ideas.

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  • Danielle

    Love it! If it makes you feel any better, white cake is the hardest to work with for stuff like that. Choc or yellow is way easier. I think Jess’s spring form pans could make you life a lot easier. And parchment paper, parchment paper makes everything easier 🙂

  • Katrina

    How about baking cake in a jelly roll pan and using a biscuit cutter to cut identical round layers from it? Then frost them as you planned.

    • ohbothermeg

      Now that sounds way too practical, haha! No, good call! How are your plans for the first birthday going? 🙂

      • katrina

        I have a basic idea of what I want to do. I had trouble thinking of a theme and oddly enough ended up thinking in-line with your plans for Holden’s birthday. Multi-color (inspired by the orange and green walls in my living and dining rooms which we have yet to paint – decided to try to work with the festive walls I have instead of against them. Our colors are a little more blue/yellow/green leaning though. I have pom-poms and streamers to decorate with and I’m planning to print lots of pics from his first year to display. I had a terrible time thinking of a cake Jake would like. He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth but he liked strawberries, so I’m planning to make strawberry shortcake – I figure it’s still a cake, right? I’m very nervous though. I keep reminding myself he’s going to love the attention and he won’t mind if there are a few hiccups. 🙂

  • jason

    screw it, still tasted great i’m sure.

    • ohbothermeg

      oh, I totally still ate it. Dipped the fork in the icing and then forked up those crumbs!

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