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  1. Amy says:

    We try to say “no” only when necessary. “No, you cannot play with the scissors.” When the kid wants something he shouldn’t have or wants to do something he shouldn’t do, I try to distract him with something else. If he wants a snack 10 minutes before dinner, I go play cars with him and he forgets about the snack. You have to trick them. They are damn smart. Good luck and god speed.

    • ohbothermeg says:

      Thanks, Amy! Yeah, I’m reading all these new rules about using “no” sparingly; not saying “good job” all the time. It’s all strategy, haha! Good to know I’m not alone…

  1. July 30, 2013

    […] just yet—or any words for that matter—though I have witnessed a head shake in action. I questioned whether Holden was getting bratty about a month ago, but we’re in a whole new territory […]

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