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First night away from the baby @ohbotherblog

Welp, we hit a big milestone this weekend: my first night away from the baby. We had plans to attend a fantastic summer party, so it was off to the grandparents’ house for my almost-13-month-old.

I don’t know why it took so long for me to spend a night away. I think for the longest time it just seemed easier to avoid the long list of instructions that would have gone along with it. And, because my parents watch Holden during the week, I guess I didn’t want to be a mean boss and make them work on the weekend. But the good news is, because they do watch her during the week, they’re pretty familiar with her schedule, so it does make things a lot easier.

The drop-off was pretty painless. The fact that my dad was forcing me out the door saying, “bye, mom!” definitely helped. Oh, let’s be honest, I was excited for a night away. And to be able to sleep in past 7:30am for the first time in more than a year.

I did check my phone a few times throughout the night. My mom texted me videos of my dad taking Holden down a water slide at the pool (!) and photos of her playing outside in her jammies. I didn’t bother to ask what they fed her for dinner, because it’s just better not to know.

Holden was only slightly off-schedule this morning. And a little cranky. But, I’ll take it for a night away and a chance to sleep in. Not sure when our next overnight will be, but let’s just say it’s not going to be another 13 months.

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