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Fourth of July baby @ohbotherblog

So it’s the day after the Fourth and I’m still thinking about the decision I made yesterday not to keep Holden up to watch the fireworks for the Fourth of July.

Here’s the thing: Holden’s bed time is 7:30pm and we try to keep pretty strict to her schedule. I mean, she points upstairs to her room to let us know she’s ready for bed most nights. Plus, we had a busy day out in the sun and I knew keeping her up late would assure that she would turn into a gremlin once the sun went down.

But as we were walking around the (fantastic) Fourth of July event in my city {my mom graciously came over to sit at the house while Holden slept}, I noticed tons of kids and babies who were clearly up after their bedtime and having the time of their lives.

In my defense, the park next to my house holds a Summer Fun event in early August and will have fireworks that night. I figure that’s our best shot at Holdy’s first firework experience. Especially because we can ditch and come home if she hates them.

I’m totally hoping for a reaction like this:

(from buzzfeed)

So what do you think? Am I the worst mom for not taking Holden to see the fireworks last night?

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