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Because we didn’t find out what we were having with my first pregnancy, I was pretty excited to hop on the gender reveal party train this time around. I’ve been to some super cute gender reveal parties where the big reveal was done with cakes, balloons, even a poem. So I, of course, wanted to do something a little different.

Sparklers played a fun role in our wedding reception, so I thought it might be cool to incorporate sparklers into the gender reveal.

Sparklers during your first wedding dance @ohbotherblog

(Yes, we’re dancing in a pool.)

I found colored sparklers online at They come in red, blue and green. I went ahead and ordered both red and blue to make sure I had them in time for the gender reveal (because I found out on Wednesday; I assumed I couldn’t order the correct color and have them arrive by Saturday without paying a rush).

Colored Sparklers for a Gender Reveal Party @ohbotherblog

I placed the correct-color sparkler into a basket for use during the big reveal. Luckily there’s no exterior indicator of color on the sparkler, so it was able to remain a surprise. Once it was time, we headed out to the back porch, armed with lighters, to see if the sparklers would light pink or blue.

Mr. B was finding out at the same time everyone else was, so we gave him a bit of a head start.

Colored sparklers for a gender reveal party @ohbotherblog

As you can see from the photos and the video, the blue color was faint at best (does this count as a Pinterest Fail?). You really have to wave the sparkler around to see just a hint of blue. I lit a red one as a test and it’s just as difficult to detect. So you got the point, but it wasn’t immediately obvious. If you’re set on a specific color for, say, a wedding, I’d probably skip these brand of colored sparklers.

I’ll share more on the baby’s name and accompanying party theme soon!

(thanks to Katlyn Marie Photography for the fantastic photos of the moment!)

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