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Even though she enjoys seeing Santa on the screen and page, and will tell you when prompted that Santa says “ho ho,” Holdy has not been a huge fan of physically interacting with the fat man in the red suit this year.

I can’t say she hasn’t warned me: before each visit, when I’d ask her if we’re going to see Santa, she’d enthusiastically nod; when I’d ask if she was going to sit on his lap and get her photo taken, she would very seriously shake her head no.

Nonetheless, I ruthlessly put her through the process no less than three times.

Toddler skeptical of Santa @ohbotherblog

Toddler skeptical of Santa @ohbotherblog

She wasn’t entirely sure what to make of this Santa guy last year either.

Baby Santa pic @ohbotherblog

To be fair, Holden doesn’t love having her photo taken in general, unless we’re talking about selfies. So I tried a Santa Selfie to see if that would work. It didn’t.

Santa Selfie @ohbotherblog

Oh well. I guess I shouldn’t complain that my kid is rightfully wary of a strange man who gives her candy and wants her to sit on his lap.

And for the record, for as much as she doesn’t like having her photo taken, she sure does love to see herself in photos.

Toddler Narcissist @ohbotherblog

My little narcissist.

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