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I'd rather be naked onesie from Old Navy @ohbotherblog

“I’d Rather Be Naked” jumpsuit from Old Navy.


So Holden’s fun new trick is taking off all of her clothes and her diaper while in her crib.

It started with the shirt a few times a couple of weeks ago. Now lately when I check the video monitor in the morning or after her nap, I see her bare ass staring back at me.

Luckily, there haven’t been any serious bathroom incidents to accompany her nudist exploration… yet… but I’m waiting for dreading the day that there’s a surprise waiting for me in the crib, or on the walls, or in her hair.

From my super extensive and thorough online research, it seems like this could possibly be an indicator that she might be ready to start checking out the potty. She has two little potties, a white one in the bathroom and a toy one that sings, that we’ve had in the house for about four months. She likes to sit on them and clap for herself, and she’s peed in the white one in the bathroom a few times before bedtime (after which she received a sticker. woo.).

But lately when I ask her if she wants to pee in the potty, she says, “no,” so I’m not pushing it. I also don’t have the time to dedicate to actual potty training just yet, though I figure if she seems game when I’m home on maternity leave we may give it a shot. She’s 18 months old now, which seems to be on the early end of the spectrum.

Otherwise, I’ve seen suggestions on how to keep the diaper on, including:

  • putting the diaper on backward
  • duct taping it on
  • putting her in onesie pajamas that are harder for her to get off

Not sure how I feel about these things. She is a determined persistent stubborn little thing and I wonder if making her work harder will just make her hulk out.

So, did your kid start ditching the diaper? How did you handle this phase?

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  • Kathy

    Woohoo, glad I’m not the only one. Our solution has been the onesie pajamas. She leaves those on. She prefers to remove pants and diaper only, and not tops. And then she pees. And now she does it during the daytime too. We weren’t paying attention this past weekend and all of a sudden our toddler was streaking past us both. Both of us were home, we blame each other for not watching her. She peed on the baby’s playmat. There was one time where she did poop and took that off and did a mexican hat dance with it. That’s when we started the onesies. Sigh. Our other problem is that she’s non-communicative. She’s in speech therapy. Refuses to talk or use sign language. So she won’t tell us when she has to go.

    • ohbothermeg

      Oh man, Bunce. And of course I just requested a bunch of top-and-bottom PJs for her for Christmas because that’s what I prefer, haha. The other day I was showering and Bill was (supposed to be) watching her. She took off all her clothes and came upstairs to join me. Sigh.

      How is the speech therapy going?

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