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Preg-approved razor @ohbotherblog

I may be a little odd in that I’ve been super concerned about making sure my legs and… stuff… are clean-shaven, despite being about to pop out a kid any day (seriously, any day, kid).

I think it’s because (one of) the last things I want when I’m lying in that hospital bed is to look over at my knee, literally up by my ears, and see hairs all over it. Yes, I’ve given birth before; I realize I’ll probably be focusing on other things, but still. I want to be fresh in those stirrups.

With Holden, I was lucky and the hair on my legs actually stopped growing during my pregnancy. It was awesome. It did not happen this time.

So it was a little serendipitous earlier this week that I ran out of my usual Schick Quattro refill cartridges and found I had my Schick Intuition Plus Renewing Moisture Razor and some cartridges tucked away in a drawer, left over from a vacation or something.

Oh my god. This is like the safety scissors of razors. I was able to easily clutch it in my swollen baseball-mitt hands and maneuver it to areas I haven’t even seen for several months. It’s been glorious.

Anyway, just thought I’d share for any other pregs out there. Schick didn’t pay me to say this or anything, but they sure are missing out on a hell of a target audience. Schick: call me.

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