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Potty training a 2-year-old @ohbotherblog

Holden’s been showing signs that she’s ready to start potty training for a bit now, but I’ve been putting it off because, well, with juggling a toddler and a newborn, I’ve not been ready.

Friends had sent me links to these “Potty training in three days” and “Potty training in a day” methods, which frankly seem pretty intimidating and unrealistic at this point. So I decided I would just try out some potty baby steps instead.

Holdy’s been peeing on the potty “on command” for a few months now but she has yet to tell me when she’s peeing or when she has to pee. So last week, I had her pick out some super sweet Elmo big-girl panties. When she woke up in the morning, we hit the potty right away and then the Elmo’s went on.

I set the timer on my phone to go off every 15 minutes, and every 15 minutes, I plopped her on the toilet and she peed. Elmo peed too.

Potty training a 2-year-old @ohbotherblog

She did really well the whole morning. When it came time for nap, I put a diaper back on, and when she woke up, she was back into panties.

In the afternoon, she had her first pee accident, right around the 13-minute mark. I took her to the potty to show her that’s where we pee and then put on a fresh pair of Elmo’s. The good news was that she didn’t like the way pee pants feel and I felt good about her learning that lesson. The bad news was that she peed her pants again immediately, like not even a minute later.

We’ve done these “Practice Pee Days” twice now and, as long as I take her to the potty every 15 minutes, we seem to be okay. I’m honestly not sure how this whole process translates into her warning me that she has to pee. Or how I get her to deuce on the potty.

I guess I should just suck it up and do the full three-day training program. Maybe after she’s two? Am I ever going to have an entire three days to devote just to peeing every 15 minutes?

How did you potty train your kid?

Potty training a 2-year-old @ohbotherblog

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