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When I first learned I was pregnant with Gatsby, the thinking was that I would stay at my full-time job through the end of my pregnancy, stay home with the kids for at least three months—if not the whole summer—and then look for something to do part time, perhaps at a nonprofit organization in my town.

I wasn’t banking on my kids driving me so crazy that I’d be desperate to go back to work just six weeks after Gatsby was born. I also wasn’t banking on a great part-time opportunity coming along right at that same time.

So here I am, in the second week of my new part-time job. I’ve taken on a Marketing & Events Coordinator position at Downtown Inc, an organization that works to enhance and foster reinvestment and revitalization in the downtown of my hometown, York, PA. It gets me out of the house 10 hours a week, which is perfect for my sanity, and allows me to get paid for all the stuff I was really volunteering to do anyway (suckahs!).

My main focus to start is organizing a new series of events called Second Saturday on the Square, arts-based activities that will take over our city square once a month. So planning super-fun community events. And did I mention it gets me away from my kids?

So yeah, I’m pretty psyched. Part of me feels guilty… a teeny, teeny, tiny, super-small part. Most of me is relieved. And excited.

Seriously, all of my hats off to stay-at-home moms because I couldn’t hack it every day, all day.

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  • Brianna at Mending the Piggy Bank

    Congrats on the new opportunity! I spent the first 2 1/2 years of my oldest son’s life (he’s now 6) with my husband and I alternating shifts (He worked first, I worked 2nd) to avoid daycare, then I decided to jump back in the workforce. I spent four years in the medical administration field and am now back at home with my sons (my youngest is 20 months) and I watch my newborn niece full-time. It sure is an adjustment. I totally feel ya about wanting to get out and away from the kids. There’s certainly no shame in that. Best wishes for a great downtown event. We live in Mechanicsburg so maybe we’ll have to take a drive out to York for an event sometime! I blog a lot about the local area. My blog is at

    • ohbothermeg

      Hi Brianna — Thanks for reading and for reaching out! I respect stay-at-home moms so much; it’s seriously the toughest thing I’ve ever done, haha. We have a lot of great stuff going on in York – you should check us out 🙂 I also help to plan a really fun food truck event called foodstruck: Our next event is August 31.

      Can’t wait to check out your blog! Thanks again!

  • Amber DeGrace

    Congrats! It sounds perfect for you. As a work-at-home homeschooling parent, I assure you there should be no feelings of guilt in wanting to get away for your sanity’s sake. Everyone thrives better when there is some separation from each that is regularly carved out of life’s otherwise hectic pace. Happy mama equals happy offspring, or at least we can deal with unhappy offspring with more patience!

    Hope to see you sometime soon. Cheers!

    • ohbothermeg

      Thanks, Amber! Oh wow – the work-at-home plus homeschooling. Working at home is kind of stressful for me because Holden needs so much attention and I inevitably feel guilty no matter what I’m doing, haha. I can’t even imagine with the schooling thrown in. Props to you, seriously. Hope to see you soon!

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