happy three month birthday, GB



At 2:31 pm today, Mr. Gatsby (GB) will be three months old. Here’s a snapshot of the little man:

Gatsby is three months old @ohbotherblog

Weight: 12 lbs., 6 oz. The pediatrician called him a “string bean” at last week’s appointment. Pretty sure I was never ever considered a string bean.

Likes: being held, milk, his sister, sitting outside, watching the fan, watching mommy, when mommy makes crazy faces and voices, the baby gym

Dislikes: not being held, tummy time, riding in the car without a Nuk, not being paid attention to

Eats: Every 3-4 hours

Sleeps: Alert the media: we’ve had a few nights of 8 hours of sleep! (11a-6p). Usually it ranges between 6-8 lately. I’ll take it!

Accomplishments: Smiling (a lot!), chuckling, rolled over from front to back several times, chewing on his hands, grabbing the rings in his baby gym, kicking like a soccer player.

Places Visited: The Maryland Zoo for Sissy’s birthday, The Farm, Redeux Grand Opening

Gatsby is three months old @ohbotherblog

Also, this month’s pics may look adorable, but I assure you, nothing in my life goes that smoothly. Here are some outtakes before “the talent” was given some milk from craft services.

Gatsby is three months old @ohbotherblog

Gatsby is three months old @ohbotherblog

Also, go ahead and check out the evidence that I really boned up Holden’s monthly photos by not showing her sitting in a chair or something to give perspective. I’m going to try a bit harder this time around. The adorable month tie stickers are from Bump2Baby Stickers on Etsy.

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