happy 4 months, GB



Happy 4 month birthday, GB @ohbotherblog

Happy 4 months, Big Guy. You are the sweetest baby; so content and pleasant 95% of the time. I’m pretty sure you think your name is “Handsome” (maybe it should be).

Happy 4 Month Birthday, GB @ohbotherblog

Weight: According to my super scientific stand-on-the-scale-with-him-stand-on-the-scale-without-him method, about 13.5 lbs.

Likes: being held, milk, his sister, sitting outside, watching the fan, watching mommy, when mommy makes crazy faces and voices, the baby gym, “boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants,” being “hugged” by his sister, flying in the air, being tickled

Dislikes: This kid is pretty freaking pleasant. There’s not much that upsets him. He doesn’t love the Bumbo chair yet.

Eats: Every 3-4 hours. Mommy’s milk or a 6oz bottle of breastmilk & formula combined.

Sleeps: This big guy now sleeps in the crib in the nursery and… THROUGH THE NIGHT! He generally sleeps from about 9p to 6a with very few interruptions. 

Accomplishments: Smiling (a lot!), chuckling, rolling over, chewing on his hands, grabbing the rings in his baby gym, kicking like a soccer player, holding his head up

Milestones: May be showing signs of teething (?)

Happy 4 Month Birthday, GB @ohbotherblog

Oh, and look who had to get in the post:

Happy 4 Month Birthday, GB @ohbotherblog

(ps: I really boned up Holden’s monthly photos by not showing her sitting in a chair or something to give perspective. I’m trying a bit harder this time around. The adorable month tie stickers are from Bump2Baby Stickers on Etsy.)


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