happy 8 months, GB



happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

Look at me: I’m actually posting on the date! GB is 8 months today. (and yes, that is a bite mark in his tie sticker. All will be revealed).

Weight: An 16.9-pound turkey, wearing size 3 diapers.

Likes: being held, eating, being “hugged” by his sister, flying in the air, being tickled, belly raspberries, grabbing his feet, “talking,” grabbing at everything, trying to steal people’s food, “petting” Sally/grabbing at her fur, jumping in his bouncer

Dislikes: GB has been going through another I-want-to-be-held-all-the-time phase. He’s recently shown the first signs of being “strange” (what they say around here when a baby cries when someone other than his mom holds him). He’s often hangry. I believe he has some teeth pushing through.

Eats: Recently he’s been doubling-down on the milk and not wanting to eat solids as much. I can’t imaging why because spinach/pea/pear sounds delicious to me.

Sleeps: Like a boss. Rarely any issues in the sleeping department.

Accomplishments: Sitting up by himself… until he falls forward into a full-on Paschimottanasana position (Google it). He’s starting to look like he wants to crawl. I swear he can mimic my hands drumming on the table (I’m talking matching rhythm and beats and using both hands). He waves hello and goodbye! I think he miiiiight be signing “milk.”

Pretty much he’s a genius.

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

Also, he’s super curious and wants to put his hands on everything.

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

And then put that everything in his mouth.

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog 

Also, I love his crazy hair so much. 

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

Happy 8 months, buddy.


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