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It was time. Holden’s glorious, wispy mullet had grown out to the point where she was looking a little like Hoggle from the movie Labyrinth. GB’s hair had reached Mad Scientist status.

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And so, I took them both for their first-ever haircuts together: GB at 10 months; Holdy at 31 months.

If you’ll recall, Holdy was essentially bald until she was like 13 months, so she’s a late bloomer in the haircut game, but she was SO EXCITED to get her haircut. She insisted on wearing her Elsa dress to get the full princess treatment.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

She was so well behaved and watched intently in the mirror, smiling at herself and randomly giving little thumbs up of approval.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


She ended up with an above-the-shoulder bob and some cleaned up bangs. I was so proud of how calm and sweet she was while sitting in that chair.

GB, on the other hand…

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


While always sweet, GB is in a real fidgety stage, now that he’s army crawling and on the move. He has a really strong grip and is pretty stubborn when it comes to getting what he wants.

He wasn’t so sure about this haircut business.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


He didn’t really want to sit still, and kept turning his head, especially when it came time to get the around-the-ears spots.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


So, we ended up going a little “George Clooney circa 1996,” but what are ya gonna do? He’s a busy 10-month old.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

By the way, I took them to George’s Hair Studio in West York. Not only was everyone super friendly, their first haircuts were free (!) AND they called me today to see if we were happy with the cuts. Super pleased with them. And with my former ragamuffins’ fresh cuts.


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