happy 10 months, gb



It wouldn’t be a Month-iversary post if it wasn’t a few days late…

happy 10 months, gb @ohbotherblog

Sorry, GB.

Weight: 19 pounds, wearing size 3 diapers.

Likes: eating! open mouth kissing, army crawling, dancing to “Uptown Funk,” trying to stand up, rolling, being harassed by his sister, gnawing on Sally’s fur, stealing people’s food, bouncing in his bouncer, lights and noises, being held, his mama.

Dislikes: When I don’t feed him fast enough, when his sister takes toys from him.

Eats: Everything and a lot of it. I basically have been eating a lot of mushier foods and just sharing my dinner with him. So far there hasn’t been anything he’s turned down.

Sleeps: Still a great sleeper (thank god).

Teeth: Five!

Accomplishments: Army crawling! Sitting up by himself, waving, high fives, mimicking, screeching. 

This kid is on the move!

happy 10 months, gb @ohbotherblog

happy 10 months, gb @ohbotherblog

Happy 10 months, Big Guy!

happy 10 months, gb @ohbotherblog

So yeah, 10 months. Only two months to the big First Birthday, which means it’s time to start planning a party.


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