happy 11 months, gb



Okay, so I’m three days late but it’s Restaurant Week York (which I’m running), so cut me some slack, wouldja?

happy 11 months, gb @ohbotherblog

Holy crap, 11 months.

Weight: I honestly have no idea and I’m not about to wake him up to weigh him. Maybe 21 lbs?

Likes: Eating! open mouth kissing (with tongue!), climbing up the steps, pulling himself up on everything, stealing things from his sister

Dislikes: Not being paid attention to, being scolded (“Don’t bite” is the magic trigger that makes him cry)

Eats: Everything and a lot of it. At this point it seems like he’s over his bottle (thank god for no more formula)–he wants ALLTHEFOOD! I’ve been trying to nurse first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but he’s now disinterested in my boobs 🙁

Sleeps: A great sleeper–goes down and stays down no problem. Two naps a day.

Teeth: Five

Accomplishments: Climbing! Pulling up on everything, standing, waving, clapping, high fives, mimicking, screeching, “So big!”

He’ll be walking before too long!


happy 11 months, gb @ohbotherblog

happy 11 months, gb @ohbotherblog

happy 11 months, gb @ohbotherblog


Guess it’s time to start planning a party, eh Big Guy?

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