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While GB’s First Birthday party was Saturday, today, March 23, marked the one-year anniversary of his arrival. March 23 at 2:31pm, to be exact (despite the fact that his birth certificate incorrectly states, “2:41pm.” I was there people–I know! They also originally spelled his name, “Gatsy” so clearly they cannot be trusted.)

I have stolen appropriated the Birthday Clock Photo tradition from my friend’s mom who’s done it my friend’s entire life. The idea is simple: take a photo with your kid on their birthday at their birth time with a clock showing the time they were born.

Take a picture of your child every year on their birthday, holding a clock, at the time they were born. @ohbotherblog
(Thanks, Kel & Alesa!)

Holden was born at 7:23pm, so the time is a bit more manageable. She, of course, is not so manageable.

Birthday tradition: clock photo showing birth time @ohbotherblog

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

To capture GB’s 2:31 photo, I skipped out of work for a bit (sorry, Boss). When I got home, he was napping. I figured I’d just sneak in and snap a quick photo while he slept. Hey–at least it would be kinda funny, right? When I got up there at 2:30, though, he was awake in his crib. Even better. We’ll just sit the clock phone with a clock display in there and snap a shot easy peasy.


GB's first birthday @ohbotherblog GB's first birthday @ohbotherblogGB's first birthday @ohbotherblog

I mean, at least it’s better than this, right?

Birthday Tradition: First Clock Photo at Birth Time @ohbotherblog 

Tonight after dinner, I let the little hoss enjoy more birthday cake. While he was a little tentative at his birthday party at first, he seemed to have gotten the hang of it the second time around.

GB's first birthday @ohbotherblog

I told you this kid loves to eat.

GB's first birthday @ohbotherblog GB's first birthday @ohbotherblog

Birfday Sugar Rush! #babyfees #ohbotherblog

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Happy Birthday, Little Man! Our lives are so much richer with you in it.

GB's first birthday @ohbotherblog

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