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Every night, I sit down to write a blog post and every night something comes up, be it a teething 18-month-old, a three-year-old with disciplinary issues, a house full of laundry, a dog that has peed on the floor or, frankly, just a new episode of Playing House that I’d rather watch. Anyway, long story short, life gets in the way. So here’s what we’ve missed.

We got a new pet.

Our new turtle, Rupert @ohbotherblog

Meet Rupert, our new turtle.

Rupert, our new turtle @ohbotherblog

Truth be told, Holden kept calling him, “Poo Poo,” so I figured “Rupert” was an acceptable alternative.

We had an adventurous summer and learned about Holden’s natural affinity for climbing.

Holden is a future American Ninja Warrior @ohbotherblog

I’m seriously considering finding some Parkour courses for this future American Ninja Warrior.

GB is teething and has some crazy big molars coming in.

GB is teething @ohbotherblog

Poor little guy has had some fevers and lots of snot and saliva… but that hasn’t kept him from getting into any and everything in the house.

I had to work a lot.

Watching mommy work @ohbotherblog

The beginning of September was really busy for me at work, so that of course came with a side of some working mom guilt. But my job is important to me and I feel like the work I do is important so I power through. And I try to include the kids when I can.

Holden at York City Boutique Week @ohbotherblog

Holden started at a new preschool.

Holden's first day at preschool @ohbotherblog

We’re all very excited that Holden has started a new five-day-a-week program. My fingers are crossed that the structure and curriculum will do big things for her because honestly, her sass and behavior issues have increased over the summer as well.

Holden's first day of preschool @ohbotherblog

One thing is for certain, her art skills are blossoming. That kid comes home with like 18 pieces of art every day after school now.

Holden the artist @ohbotherblog

Oh and obviously her amazing fashion sense continues to be on fleek.

So, all in all, an eventful and fun few months. We’re all doing pretty great.

The ohbother kids @ohbotherblog

Just busy. Oh, bother.


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  • Sarah G

    I love your blog so much. You do a great job of incorporating humor into some seriously stressful situations. I used to blog myself. My mom had 3 of us all within a year apart. I’m a twin and my dad was never around. Not cause he didn’t want to be but because he was running a company and working all the time. My mom used to refer to him as the “weekend” dad. My husband and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I’m 35. And I’m so torn about having children. I always wanted them but reality is it’s a lot of work. My husband is a Vice President of an engineering firm and also opened his own firm last year. I know he just doesn’t have the time to be involved. Do you have advice?

    • ohbothermeg

      Hi Sarah – thanks so much for writing. While I’m certainly not qualified to be giving advice – on marriage or motherhood – I will say that being a parent, especially a single parent, is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’m lucky to have great support from family, which eases some of the pressure, but I think raising two kids age 3 and under is tough no matter how you cut it. That being said, it’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. My kids can be the biggest jerks… But they can also be the sweetest jerks. I’m excited to see and help them grow into great adults and I think that’s what ultimately makes it worth it… At least I hope. Good luck with whatever you choose. Check in if you ever want to chat –

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