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We took the kiddos (one six-year-old, two three-year-olds and a two-year-old) to the sold-out LEGO KidsFest last night at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.
LEGO KidsFest @ohbotherblog

I saw the event advertised earlier in January and my desire to go was solidified after I watched the LEGO documentary Beyond the Brick: a LEGO BrickumentaryHoldy has been showing interest in LEGOs after playing with them at her dad’s house so I thought it would make a fun outing.

Despite the event being sold out for all three days, it wasn’t quite the madhouse you might expect. There were a ton of activities to do that were appropriate for all ages and skill levels, from straight-up coloring, to DUPLO blocks to advanced builds and competitions. Everything was nicely spread out so you didn’t feel like you were on top of each other. AND everyone attending, volunteering and working the event was super nice, so it was a great experience.

LEGO KidsFest @ohbotherblog

The kids loved building and displaying their own LEGO creations.

LEGO KidsFest @ohbotherblog

There were tons of LEGO characters to pose with, from Disney to Star Wars and super heroes.

LEGO KidsFest @ohbotherblog 

We actually had to stop the kids from building a few times so we could move onto the next thing. LEGOS are amazing, man.

 LEGO KidsFest @ohbotherblog

And of course, there was a HUGE LEGO pile in the middle of the arena for kids to (literally) dive in. Some kids were even making LEGO angels (of course, Holdy was one of them).

LEGO KidsFest @ohbotherblog 


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Some tips if you go:

  • Check out this “Plan Your Day at LEGO KidsFest” link.
  • Parking is in the North Lot, as well as the offsite Elmerton Ave. lot and is $10 (cash).
  • The entrance to LEGO KidsFest is on Cameron Street, so it’s a bit of a walk. Though you can exit the event into the North Lot when you’ve finished.
  • There is a coat rack at the entrance.
  • There is a “Lost Parents Zone” to the right once you enter the event. You can fill out a card with your contact info and put it in your kid’s pocket, just in case.
  •  There is a “Dad Changing Area” near the DUPLO section so dads can get in on the diaper action too.
  • Rather than waiting in the super long lines at the concession window, grab a pizza from the smaller pizza table set up near the bathrooms. The line is shorter and the pizza is better.
  • Get a Farm Show milkshake!
  • If the line is too long to purchase anything in the retail store, talk to one of the employees and they’ll give you a “free shipping” card so you can order online.
  • Exit through the North Lot exit to be closer to your car (don’t forget to go back and get your coat if you checked it).

I have to confess that we actually own zero LEGOs because GB has only recently exited the put-every-thing-in-his-mouth phase. This morning I did just order a LEGO Starter Kit from Amazon ($7 cheaper than at the show)!

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