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a tale of two eaters


A tale of two eaters - picky toddler and hungry baby @ohbotherblog

In honor of Restaurant Week York‘s triumphant return February 21-28, let’s talk about eating, shall we?

GB’s stance toward food is best described by the classic Hasbro game popular in the 1980’s:

hungry hungry hippo toddler

 The kid loves to eat. He’s just about to the point where he’s saying, “screw the bottle; gimme the good stuff.” He’s all about the table food, grubbing hungrily and pounding on his highchair tray for more. He screeches at me if I don’t feed him fast enough, so I pretty much just let him feed himself baby-size chunks of food now. Needless to say, mealtimes are somewhat messy.

Holden’s attitude toward food, however, is best described by the new soon-to-be-classic book by the same authors of Go the F*** to Sleep:


It even looks like Holden on the cover.

Holden’s current diet consists of:

  • Pancakes
  • Half chocolate/half regular milk
  • Organic hipster “toaster pastries” that I bought because I figure if all she’ll eat are Pop Tarts, I should at least buy her ones made with “real” ingredients
  • Toothpaste (she hasn’t quite figured out the whole teeth-brushing business, though she of course insists on doing it herself)

It’s seriously the most frustrating thing. She used to be such a good eater. Now she’s just not that into it… in my presence anyway. Allegedly she eats her lunch at school every day, so at least I know she’s eating a real meal at least three times a week. But otherwise, breakfast foods are about the extent of her palate. It’s brinner most days of the week.

This is just a phase, right?

ps, if you haven’t listened to Bryan Cranston read You Have to F***ing Eat, here’s a preview. Language, obviously.

the lazy mom’s guide to making your own baby food


Look, I try to be a good mom, I really do. But momming is hard, especially when you’re doing it by yourself, so sometimes you gotta get creative. And find some good mom hacks.

It’s almost 10pm on a Take-Out-The-Trash Night and, rather than throw away the fresh produce that our family of three never eats in its entirety, I decided to have a puree party and make some baby food for GB. On the menu: peaches.

Now, I didn’t get this brilliant idea to blog about this until I was already in the process, so I don’t have a “before” photo to show you, but I’m pretty sure you know what a peach looks like so we’re cool, right?

The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Making Your Own Baby Food

Take that pretty ripe produce you’ve got in your fruit bowl or fridge. Throw it in a Crock-Pot and go do life stuff for a few hours. (I’ve got a mini Crock-Pot that I got at Target for like $15 that’s great for entertaining… and, it turns out, making baby food.)

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


Take the now-soft and cooked produce out of the Crock-Pot and remove any yuckies, like pits or skins.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


(Appetizing, right?)

Deposit the mush into a Mini Bullet (no, not Mommy’s special Mini Bullet) or blender.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


Blend that stuff up.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


Dump the puree into whatever baby food containers you’ve got.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


Wait until it cools and throw it in the freezer with whatever random baby food you’ve previously made. Or in the fridge for tomorrow. Or serve it up immediately. Whatever floats your boat.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


Throw the bullet and whatever utensils you used in the dishwasher.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


Feel good knowing you made your kid some baby food.

Let’s be honest, though: I’ve got plenty of the ready-made stuff for back-up and nights where I don’t have time to mess around with making my own.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog


I’m coming for you next, baby carrots.

lazy mom's guide to making your own baby food @ohbotherblog

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