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my great gatsby shower


Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

In a super sweet, overwhelming and completely unnecessary move, my family and friends threw me a “sprinkle” yesterday. I’m using “sprinkle” in quotes because this thing was a full-on baby shower. A Great Gatsby-themed baby shower, of course. While I wish they hadn’t gone to all the trouble, I loved it and was so impressed by the effort my mom and mother-in-law had put into the planning.

From playing the Baz Luhrman movie and soundtrack in the background, to feathers and pearls as decoration to guests choosing between wearing headbands, beads or a mustache, they covered all the details.

I mean:

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

(that mirror was my nanny’s <3)

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

They stole my “Hello, Old Sport” sign from the nursery a few days before and I didn’t even notice! Ha!

And then this happened.
Yes, that’s my mother-in-law and my mom.

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

They had me don a headband and feather to fit in with the guests.

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

The cake and cupcakes were gorgeous:

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

My mom was pretty proud of herself for hand-glittering all those letters.

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog


Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

I am not a good cake cutter.
Check out that orb in the photo.
(and yes, that’s a photo of Holden crying in that wall calendar.)

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

Holdy even showed up at the end to join in the fun.

So I’m 37 weeks and I’m now stocked with adorable baby boy clothes and diapers. Let’s do this, little man!

baby shower at a cupcakery


Whimsical Cupcakery Babyshower @ohbotherblog

So I love throwing showers, bridal or baby. I’ve been a part of some really big, over-the-top productions that were fun and fantastic, but I’m a big fan of just the casual gatherings and celebrations as well.

We recently held a sweet, simple baby shower for my coworker who’s pregnant with babies 3 & 4 (!). We reserved space at a cupcakery in our town and kept the decorating super easy and classic with some beautiful yellow roses and some sweets wrapped in the green linen napkins. Oh, and some balloons. Who doesn’t love balloons? Keeping with the simple theme, we had a nice, light late lunch of a Caprese salad, chicken salad and, of course, cupcakes.

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes @ohbotherblog

I made some onesie and receiving blanket cupcakes as gifts. My dad actually made these for me for my baby shower and that’s where I got the idea. Whodathunk?

Onesie and receiving blanket cupcakes as baby shower gift or decoration @ohbotherblog

I love when an easy party turns out so elegantly!

messages for baby


We’re just over a week until Holden’s first birthday and I’m in full-on nostalgia mode. Lately I’ve been thinking about where I was this time last year, preparing for our new arrival.

One of the things I’m so glad we did to prepare was to have our friends and family write messages for the baby before she arrived. This became a shower activity, with everyone penning their note and having their photo taken with it:

Have baby shower attendees write messages for the baby before he/she arrives @ohbotherblog

I took all of the photos and put them into a Shutterfly book to give to Holden when she’s older, but I have fun going back to check the messages every now and then. I also put some of the pictures in a super cute video that I’ll share in a bit.

Here are the grandparents’ messages:

Grandparents write messages to the baby before he/she arrives @ohbotherblog

Isn’t my dad hilarious? Ha. ha.

We closed the book (and video) with our message to our little one:

Parents write a message to the baby before he/she is born @ohbotherblog

printables promo – baby shower


The printables promo code is provided by Print My Baby Shower for oh, bother readers. Opinions are my own.

So I am in full-on birthday planning mode for Holden’s first birthday party. It seems like the latest thing in party-planning is printables; at least that’s what is blowing up my Pinterest these days.

The good thing about printables is that they allow DIY-wannabers like me to feel like they’re actually somewhat creative… even if it is cheating just a little.

Print My Baby Shower has several printables themes that you can choose from: from hot pink zebra, to cute monkey or owl themes. They also have a Baby Shower Decoration Ideas blog. I’m partial to ladybugs (I’ll explain some other time), so I found myself attracted to the Cute Ladybug Theme.

Print My Baby Shower Cute Ladybug Theme

The themes come with printable templates for invitations, labels, banners, games and a “wishlist” (messages you leave for the baby). You purchase, download and print at home with your own color printer.

Print My Baby Shower is offering oh, bother readers $3 off a theme purchase if you use the promo code OHBOTHER at checkout.

I don’t have any baby showers coming up in the near future but I’m going to keep this in mind. Maybe they’ll start offering kids’ party printables soon!

the truth about diaper cakes


Listen up baby-shower-going ladies: I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but diaper cakes suck.

I know, I know, they are adorable. Yes, they serve as both a centerpiece and a gift. I will admit to having given them as gifts once or twice. Or three times. I may or may not have even written a tutorial on a crappy old blog of mine on how to make a diaper cake.

But after giving birth to my daughter, I learned the truth about diaper cakes: unrolling 100 rubber bands from 100 diapers is the worst. So I beg of you, on behalf of new moms everywhere: enough with the diaper cakes… or, for that matter, anything that requires extensive disassembly, unrolling or untying. I’m looking at you, big ol’ basket made of rolled-up diapers or golf bag made of diapers.

Still insisting on the diaper cake? Here are some no-roll diaper cakes that won’t make the new mom curse your name:

no-roll diaper cakes, folded diaper cakes

Or, you could always just go with one of these jobbies:

Best diaper cake ever - diaper box cake

Slap a bow on there and you’re good to go! If you want to get fancy, you could wrap the boxes in inside-out wrapping paper to make a uniform white cake.

a tea party baby shower


tea party baby shower

I attended the cutest baby shower today with a tea party theme. Invitations announced that a “baby is brewing…” We dined on cupcakes, scones and eclairs and drank tea out of adorable mismatched teacups and saucers (that I’m told came from the Salvation Army at 20 cents a piece!) For favors, we received custom Showers of Happiness teabags! It was tea-lightful (that’s right. I said it.)

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