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first haircuts


It was time. Holden’s glorious, wispy mullet had grown out to the point where she was looking a little like Hoggle from the movie Labyrinth. GB’s hair had reached Mad Scientist status.

Thanks for the #babyfees shirt @k3vanz! (Sorry it took me so long to post about it)

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And so, I took them both for their first-ever haircuts together: GB at 10 months; Holdy at 31 months.

If you’ll recall, Holdy was essentially bald until she was like 13 months, so she’s a late bloomer in the haircut game, but she was SO EXCITED to get her haircut. She insisted on wearing her Elsa dress to get the full princess treatment.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

She was so well behaved and watched intently in the mirror, smiling at herself and randomly giving little thumbs up of approval.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


She ended up with an above-the-shoulder bob and some cleaned up bangs. I was so proud of how calm and sweet she was while sitting in that chair.

GB, on the other hand…

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


While always sweet, GB is in a real fidgety stage, now that he’s army crawling and on the move. He has a really strong grip and is pretty stubborn when it comes to getting what he wants.

He wasn’t so sure about this haircut business.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


He didn’t really want to sit still, and kept turning his head, especially when it came time to get the around-the-ears spots.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog


So, we ended up going a little “George Clooney circa 1996,” but what are ya gonna do? He’s a busy 10-month old.

First haircuts @ohbotherblog

By the way, I took them to George’s Hair Studio in West York. Not only was everyone super friendly, their first haircuts were free (!) AND they called me today to see if we were happy with the cuts. Super pleased with them. And with my former ragamuffins’ fresh cuts.


the toddler mullet


Billy Ray Cyrus. Carol Brady. Joe Dirt. Holden. What do these folks have in common?

Legendary mullets, that’s what.

The toddler mullet @ohbotherblog

Holden’s super fine golden blonde hair has grown into a mane that’s straight up business in the front, party in the back.

Now here’s the thing: the poor thing was pretty much bald until her first birthday.

Baby' 12 month onesie photo @ohbotherblog

So I’m kind of loathe to cut her hair because it took so dang long to grow. I have trimmed her bangs once or twice.

Trimming toddler's mullet bangs @ohbotherblog

Sometimes she’ll let me pull it back into a wispy little ponytail.

Toddler ponytail @ohbotherblog

But until the business catches up to the party, I guess we’ll just keep rocking that mullet. I mean, that’s cool, right?

holdy’s modern bonnet


Modern bonnet for a little girl by Midwest Family Life @ohbotherblog

We got so many compliments on Holdy’s new hat at the park today so I figured I’d share the info.

I love the urban baby bonnet from UB2 that I had seen at the Happy Babies Baby Boutique in Cape May and online but do not love the $36-$44 price tag so I did a little Etsy digging.

I found this adorable bonnet by Midwest Family on Etsy for $20. It’s reversible like the UB2 and is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Modern bonnet for a little girl by Midwest Family Life @ohbotherblog

It’s perfect for keeping the sun off her head and face and looks adorable on her little noggin. And, bonus: she actually keeps it on. People were loving it at the park.

Also, look at my ingenuity for keeping Gatsby sun-safe, lol.

Baby sun shade @ohbotherblog

It’s a gorgeous day. I’m heading back outside!

happy baby. little monsters.


Happy Baby Boutique in Cape May, NJ @ohbotherblog

This past weekend marked another visit to Cape May with the Ladybugs (if you want to see why we go to Cape May twice a year, check here) and another successful visit to the cutest baby boutique I’ve ever seen, The Happy Baby Boutique.

Seriously, this place is adorable and has the most precious clothing and toys for the wee ones. I’m partial to the super cute monster line they carry. The fun little monster faces are made of terry cloth (perfect for spit up and drool) that are appliquéd onto American Apparel onesies, tees, gowns and rompers. Holden came home from the hospital in a little monster gown.

I mean:

Monster Onesie from Happy Baby Boutique in Cape May @ohbotherblog

Happy Baby also carries the UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet line, which I love. I really wanted to get Holden the rock star’s ‘stache modBonnet, but I felt like, by October, I’d missed bonnet season. Not sure if bonnets are cool for an almost-two-year-old for next Spring?

Urban Bonnet Rock Star's 'Stache @ohbotherblog

Anyway, cutest. boutique. ever. Definitely check it out if you’re ever in Cape May.

boutique week, baby


Made in York onesie by Organzee @ohbotherblog

It’s Boutique Week in my town and Holden is getting into the spirit in this adorable “Made In York” onesie by Organzee. Organzee is a husband and wife team who create their graphic children’s clothing on organic materials right here in Central PA. Their onesies and toddler tees are made in the the USA with completely 100% organic fabrics and water-based inks.

The “Made in York” onesie is offered exclusively at Arthur & Daughters boutique, which, if you’ll recall if where I got the adorable repurposed-men’s-shirt Easter dress Holden wore.

Boutique Week is going on all week here in York City. I’ll be sure to share any fashion (mis)adventures we may come across!

too early to think halloween?


We’ve been having a rash of fall-like weather here this week, which has gotten me thinking about pumpkin lattes and… Halloween. Too soon?

Last year, Holdy had some super cute costumes, if I do say so myself.

Baby Money Bag Halloween Costume @ohbotherblog

A Pinspiration, I actually “made” the money bag costume myself (believe it or not).

Baby Money Bag Costume

DIY Baby Money Bag Halloween Costume @ohbotherblog

So here’s what I did:

I used a cream colored sleep sack that Holdy already had (I liked the fleece for the colder weather). I created a dollar sign template in Microsoft Word – which you can download here in PDF format – and double-sided taped it to the sleep sack (oh yeah, I’m that lazy).

For the money, I put one of Holdy’s baby headbands around her head and basically stuffed the fake bills in it, folding them around the headband (and taping them as necessary). I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, but this jerry-rigged way worked for us.

For my robber getup, I just wore black sweats and cut some (horrible) eye holes in some black fabric that I tied around my head.

And that’s it! Check out this adorable Spent Money at the end of the day:

Baby Money Bag Halloween Costume @ohbotherblog

Baby Mad Hatter Costume

I also took Holdy to my Book Club Halloween “Party.” We all decided to dress up like literary characters.

Mommy Alice in Wonderland and Baby Mad Hatter Costume @ohbotherblog

So we went as Alice and the Mad Hatter. I actually had an old Alice in Wonderland costume for myself that I dug out.

Mommy Alice in Wonderland and Baby Mad Hatter Halloween Costumes @ohbotherblog

For Holdy’s Mad Hatter, I dressed her in some crazy mismatched clothes and had my friends at HolyCraft make her an adorable Mad Hatter baby top hat.

Baby Mad Hatter Halloween Costume - baby tophat @ohbotherblog

Quick and easy, which is how I like to do things. So… how am I going to top these this year? Any ideas?

a lovely lark today


oh bother on a lovely lark


The lovely Lauren of A Lovely Lark (who I went to high school with!) is on a bit of a maternity leave after the birth of her doll-of-a-daughter, Lucy. She’s been having guest bloggers join in on the fun of her Something to posts, and I was happy to play along!

Check out my recommendations on something to make, something to wear, something to read, something to live, something to play.

And while you’re there, click through Lauren’s gorgeous blog – definitely check out her Home Tour to see her style in action.

Thanks, Lauren!

repurposed men’s shirt–>baby girl dress


Girls' Dresses made from repurposed men's button down shirts, from The Bee Sunny Days Collection at Arthur & Daughters @ohbotherblog

How cute was Holden’s Easter dress, repurposed from a men’s button down dress shirt?! Did I make it? Ha, let’s be real.

The upcycled men’s shirt dress comes from The Bee’s Sunny Day Collection (Maisey style), a line of dresses for girls six months to six years old, handcrafted of refashioned men’s shirts, made exclusively for Arthur & Daughters in York, PA.

I’m a huge proponent of the Shop Local movement and am so lucky to have such talented and creative folks in my town.

The Bee is a creative repurposing collective in York, PA. People getting together to learn and teach and share and make things by upcycling donated and found materials into cool stuff folks can use. A social enterprise that helps women develop product and markets to earn income from the items they make.

Arthur & Daughters by Hilary Arthur offers women’s designer consignment, vintage clothing and accessories in the York, PA boutique and online via her website. Hilary also proudly features new women’s clothing from emerging designers whose collections are made in the USA like LOBO MAU and American Colors, in addition to the girls’ dresses from The Bee.

Did I say how much I love the dress? Super cute without being too frilly or diva-ish. Perfectly Holden.

ps – gorgeous photography by Katlyn Marie.

holden’s obscene baby blanket


My Nanny (grandmother) died two years ago today. She was a strong, stubborn, funny woman and I believe I got my trucker’s mouth from her. One of her favorite sayings was “damn good”: “Nanny, how was your dinner?” “Damn good.” “Nanny, how are you feeling?” “I’m doing damn good.”

To honor her and to give Holden an idea of how special her Nanny 1 was, I had her pajamas and some *select* tshirts made into a custom baby blanket from 3stitchcreations on etsy. I’m pretty sure I have the only baby blanket on the planet that includes the word “damn” and an f-bomb. Nanny would be so proud. (Yes, I’ll be packing the blanket away once Holden learns to read.)

Custom baby blanket made to honor pinner's Grandmother - "F--- Cancer" and "Damn Good" @ohbotherblog

Nanny actually predicted my pregnancy on her deathbed. I hope she would think I’m a damn good mom.

deliveries at disney world


Amazon.com, meet Disney World. Disney, meet Amazon. After checking out the weather forecast for our Disney trip and realizing my 10-month-old was woefully unprepared for heavy rains, I did some last-minute online shopping. As in, the night before we left.

I knew that you can have stuff delivered to your Disney resort, thanks to my friend Sarah at How I Pinch a Penny. So I went to Amazon and ordered some rain essentials to be delivered during our trip.

How to get deliveries at Disney World - Pinner ordered rain gear baby @ohbotherblog

I used Amazon Prime for free two-day delivery. I googled the name of our resort for the actual mailing address and made sure to include my travel confirmation number in the mailing info (if I were already here and knew my room number, I would have used that).

On the third day of our trip, I returned from the pool to a voicemail from the front desk: my delivery had arrived! Of course, now the weather is beautiful with not a cloud in sight. Isn’t that how it usually works? Oh well, at least now we’re prepared!

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