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Home Sweet (New) Home


Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We’ve moved! Yes, again. 

As you may know, I’m pretty involved in the revitalization of our Downtown. I work for our economic development organization, I own a business downtown, I’ve joined the board of a local charter school. Everything in our lives was converging upon Downtown… so we decided to put ourselves there too.

So, we bought this charming old house, built in 1912. The house was actually purchased last year, but we allowed the current tenants to hang out for a bit. So, come this summer, they moved out and the renovation began.

One full month of work: paint, floors, lighting, bathrooms. We’re so happy with the results–it’s amazing what just a little facelift can do.

Living Room: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Dining Area: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kitchen: Before & After (the kitchen had been updated not too long ago, so luckily we didn’t have too much work to do here).

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Upstairs Hallway: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Playroom: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kids’ Room: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kids’ Bathroom: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Master Suite: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Here are some of my most favorite rooms:

The Kids’ Playroom! 
The second floor of the house has three rooms all dedicated to the kids. Because they’re sharing a room (for now), we have room for a playroom and family room that’s all theirs. 

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

The Kids’ Bedroom!

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

The Kitchen!
We added the faux-tin backsplash and light fixtures as an easy pick-me-up. The little figurines on the cabinets are old liquor decanters painted by my Great Grandma.

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We even had time for a little DIY project in the few weeks since we’ve moved in. Funny story: I felt like the protruding wall in the living room was just begging for a faux fireplace mantel. A friend pointed out that there’s most likely an actual fireplace behind the wall–sure enough, there’s a chimney there! I’m not really into doing any more demo right now, so this faux fireplace will have to do in the meantime:

Faux Mantel Project @ohbotherblog

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We have a friend painting a chalkboard hearth for us to go inside–I can’t wait to post the final results!

We absolutely love living Downtown. We take a walk every night, we visit playgrounds, ride our bikes on the Rail Trail, walk to Downtown shops and restaurants, flag down the ice cream truck, check out local historical buildings, play Pokemon-Go and talk to our neighbors. I’ll share more as we continue to settle in!

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

early birthday surprise


the toddler poop incident @ohbotherblog

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just leave these here.

the toddler poop incident @ohbotherblog

the toddler poop incident @ohbotherblog

ps – I think I found a new way to make your toddler get rid of their Nuk…

big girl bed, big girl room, big girl


Transitioning from crib to big girl bed @ohbotherblog

As you may or may not recall, I was a little stressed about making the transition from crib to big girl bed for Holden. The plan had been to keep her in the crib in the nursery until her second birthday (June) and then make the move, while then also moving Gatsby from the bassinet in my room into the crib in the nursery. But when my little monkey started crawling out of the crib about a month ago, I decided we had to fast-track.

I was planning on taking baby steps by moving the big girl bed into the nursery first to let her get used to the new bed before the new room. I turned the crib around with the high side facing out to buy myself some time until I had help moving the beds. For moms in my position: this actually worked and kept her from crawling out of the crib. You just have to put the kid in and take them out from the side.

Transitioning from crib to big girl bed @ohbotherblog

But then, one day last week, Holden started carrying her blankets and some of the 87 stuffed animals she sleeps with from the nursery, across the hall and into her big girl room. So I decided—what the hell?—let’s just go for it. And we did.

And… it worked! She slept just fine all throughout the night with no crying or calling out. I did hear her talking to herself/her toys on the monitor a bit before she fell asleep but, to be honest, I wasn’t worried about it as long as she was quiet and out of my hair, haha. In the morning, I again heard her talking to her toys so I waited until I saw her actually get out of bed to go in.

Naps have worked just as well. We’ve been going strong for about a week now and there’s no looking back.

Transitioning from crib to big girl bed @ohbotherblog

Check out that big girl. See: totally wasn’t lying about all the stuffed animals.

Also, this is the bed we got her from Ikea: the MINNEN Ext bed frame, which fits a twin size mattress at its largest size (which is what we have in it).

MINNEN Ext bed frame @ohbotherblog

It looks like it might not be available anymore, so that’s a bummer.

Guess I have to get my butt in gear and actually finish the room now! Post on that coming soonish. Maybe.

escape artist: holdy’s crawling out of the crib


When your toddler escapes the crib @ohbotherblog

So it finally happened: Holden has crawled out of her crib. I opened the door to my bedroom this morning and there she was, standing in the hallway. There had been no thud; no crying. Just Holdy and her bedhead, ready to shake up the status quo I had been enjoying for so long.

I’ve been dreading this day since I first took notice of Holden’s athletic prowess as a 7-month-old. I was hoping we’d be able to skip this stage and I’d be able to just transition her to the toddler bed when we were both ready… but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

Here’s my dilemma: My plan was to keep Gatsby in a bassinet in my room for the first three months, which would bring us about to Holdy’s second birthday. At that point, I was going to transition Holdy across the hall to her big girl room and toddler bed (which has a twin-size mattress, but is low to the ground and has side rails). The room is already quasi-set up and Holdy likes to play in the room, but she hasn’t napped or slept there yet.

Today, after the escape, I wanted to see if Holdy would nap in her big girl room. She said she wanted to and seemed excited about it, but when the time actually came, she wanted to go back to the nursery for her nap.

So what do I do?

I did put a baby gate up at her nursery door now so she can’t just go traipsing about the house. The nursery is baby-proofed and I have a video monitor in there.

Should I move the toddler bed over to the nursery for a few months to make the transition one step at a time? Go for it all at once? This may be a good time to remind you that I have a 3-week-old and am already not getting much sleep myself, haha. Don’t even get me started on the fact that she’s ready to potty train and I’m not…

Argh, toddlers, amirite?

that’s a hot pink dresser


Dresser refinishing - before and after @ohbotherblog

So if you’ll recall, I have a vision for Holden’s big girl room: an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque vision. We’ve started working on the room to prepare eventually for Holdy’s big move. (I’m planning on keeping the new baby in my room for a bit, so our deadline is not hard-and-fast when Gatsby arrives in March, but I’d like to be prepared.)

The first step in the big girl room process was refinishing a dresser and nightstand we found for $30 at a yard sale. To be clear, my only contribution to this process was spray painting the handles. But they look damn good.

The dressser, before:
Big girl room dresser - before @ohbotherblog

“We” sanded:

Refinishing furniture - sanding @ohbotherblog

“We” primed:

Refinishing furniture - primer @ohbotherblog

I picked the color: Valspar Pink Burst (isn’t it, though?)

big girl dresser hot pink @ohbotherblog

I painted the handles (with Valspar White High-Gloss Spray Paint):

big girl dresser handles - before @ohbotherblog

And voila:

the hot pink dresser @ohbotherblog

Refinished hot pink dresser for a girl's big girl room @ohbotherblog

More to come from the big girl room, including before-and-after wall paint photos!

big girl room idea board


Alice in Wonderland little girls' room @ohbotherblog

Lately I’ve been getting the itch to start working on Holden’s big girl room. I’m thinking I want to have an Alice in Wonderland feel (you know how I feel about themes!).

Originally, I was feeling pretty ambitious and thought I could make Holdy a rag quilt for her room, using the Easy, Thrifty, Pretty Rag Quilt {Tutorial} from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.

Easy, Thrifty, Pretty Rag Quilt {Tutorial}  @ohbotherblog

Aren’t the colors so pretty?

Now remember, I can’t sew to save my life. AND, as I was looking into the various patterns and quantities of fabrics I was going to have to buy, I realized… I’d be better off just buying the damn quilt.

So… I just ordered this gorgeous Amy Butler rag quilt from On a Small Scale on Etsy.

Amy Butler Rag Quilt @ohbotherblog

The quilt’s going to take a few months, so by the time it arrives, I’ll be ready to dive into the other pieces.

  • I want to paint the walls yellow (possibly Fun Yellow by Sherwin Williams, shown above), with a chalkboard accent wall.
  • I want to refinish some old dressers in bright, fun colors.
  • I may attempt to make that teacup clock, which, again may be too ambitious for me.
  • I think I can probably handle that colorful hook rack, but we’ll see!
  • What do we think about that Cheshire Cat wall decal? Creepy? Cool?

Anyway, the wheels are turning! I’ll post some pics when I actually get started.

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