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mom necklace


I get a ton of questions about the necklace I wear everyday so I figured I’d make a post here so I can refer back to it without having to search through my Etsy history every time, haha.

The necklace comes from Betsy Farmer Designs on Etsy and is the New Baby Necklace, in the lowercase bookman font. I received my “Holden” necklace as a gift (perfect gift!) and loved it so much that I reached out to Betsy for the matching “Gatsby” charm to add to it once he was born… and a replacement pearl for Holden because I, of course, lost it.
Mom Baby Birthstone Necklace @ohbotherblog

I wear my necklace every day and I absolutely love it. 

Prediction: I myself will have to refer back to this post after one of my children (probably GB) breaks off one of the charms.

cutest book ever


I’m usually pretty terrible at Christmas shopping, meaning I’m definitely not one of those people who has my shopping completed already. But there is one gift I’ve purchased for both my kids that I’m pretty psyched about.

It’s this adorable custom book by Lost My Name, titled The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name. I especially love it because my kids will be the ones who never find anything with their names on it.

You enter the kid’s name and gender and pick their character and the book is generated for you. 

Lost My Name Book

Your kid encounters different creatures throughout the story who give them each of the letters in their name. Holden meets a hippo, ostrich, lion, dragon, elephant and narwhal (!). Gatsby meets a giant, aardvark, troll, octopus, bear and yeti (!)

Lost My Name Book

Seriously. So cute.

Lost My Name Book

If you use this link, you’ll get 15% off your order (and I’ll eventually get a free book!).

Happy shopping!

the dreaded christmas list


Baby's first Christmas @ohbotherblog

So the Christmas list requests have started rolling in for Holden and… I don’t know what to tell people! The kid has literally everything she needs, plus a father who hates junk and… just “stuff” in general. So what’s a mom to do?

She likes to watch Sesame Street and climb on top of everything and take objects out of containers and put them back in. We have hundreds of flash cards and she likes to read books and take selfies and look at photos of herself on my iPhone. She lives a full life.

So the million dollar question is: what are your Christmas list suggestions for a 12-24 month old? I’d love to keep the list to educational and developmental-type toys and not a lot of noisy, plasticy stuff. 

ps – weren’t Holdy’s Christmas photos from last year adorable? I die.

a heckuva photo package deal


The Susquehanna Photographic 48 Hour LOVE sale @ohbotherblog

So when the best photographers in the region offer a deal like this, you take it.

The Susquehanna Photographic is running their 48-hour LOVE Sale until Wednesday, October 30 at 3:30pm. It’s a 48-minute natural light outdoor photo session for only $48. Which is ridiculous. So you should totally snatch it up.

They’ll travel to a location of your choice within 15 miles of York, PA and you’ll have full rights to your photos (and access to download via an online gallery). Use it for your Christmas cards or save it for later. Or give it as a gift. It’s $48, people!

Check out their gorgeous work here.

The Susquehanna Photographic 48 Hour LOVE Sale @ohbotherblog

photo credit The Susquehanna Photographic

cheater thank you cards


Hi, have we met? I’m totally lazy. If I can find a hack or an easy way around something, I’m totally going to take it.

I was, however, raised to be gracious and appreciative and to say, “thank you.” That means thank you phone calls for birthday cards and thank you cards for birthday gifts. And seeing as Holdy’s birthday was a few weeks ago, it was time to say thanks for the ridiculous amount of stuff she got.

Guess what: I hate writing thank you cards. They’re time consuming and I always get such horrible writer’s block and then I end up writing really stupid-sounding messages. The worst. But necessary, of course.

So I decided to cheat a little when it came to Holdy’s thank you’s. The idea was this: add a fun picture from the party, have a cute ready-made thank you poem printed inside and then write a super brief message that acknowledged the gift.

I googled “birthday thank you poem” and then found a first birthday thank you poem in an old Babycenter forum that I tweaked.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Easy (cheater) thank you cards for first birthday. Birthday Thank You Poem. @ohbotherblog

Here’s the poem:

The party is over. I’m officially ONE!
Thank you for coming;
I hope you had fun!
Sending big kisses,
from me to you.
See you next year,
when I turn TWO!

So far, no one has said that they were horribly offended by the card, so hopefully it was okay. I’m banking on it being so, because it’s probably going to be my approach from here on out!

sweet{heart} chalk art


Hand-lettered Chalk Art by Lily & Val @ohbotherblog

I’m a winner! I was super psyched to learn that I won my choice of a hand-lettered chalkboard print by Lily & Val through a Facebook contest.

Chalkboard artist and typographer, Valerie McKeehan, lives in Central PA (near me!). I fell in love with the custom chalkboard signs she had created for my friends’ wedding. Her work is whimsical yet rustic, and so fun.

Valerie creates each piece entirely by hand, from sketch to slate, hand lettering each design on a chalkboard surface. The design is then professionally photographed and the photograph is used to produce fantastic prints and note cards. Valerie will also create custom chalk boards for weddings and events.

So that left me with the tough task of choosing which print I wanted. I mean, definitely go check out all of these amazing prints so you can understand what I was dealing with. Song lyrics, famous quotations, cute culinary sayings, a mojito recipe…

So what did I go with?

Lumineers Ho Hey quote chalkboard print by Lily & Val @ohbotherblog

I chose the lyrics to The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey,” my “theme song” from my first months with Holdy. Adorable, right?

And… exciting news: Lily & Val will have an exclusive line of holiday themed wall art at TJMaxx for the 2013 season. Be sure to check it out!

first mother’s day gifts


Mom, Thanks for Squeezing Me Out Card @ohbotherblog
“Mom, thanks for squeezing me out” card from witandwhistle

As my first ever Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about gifts that I would be totally psyched to receive. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been called a pretty good gift giver. And so, I present:


10 perfect first mother's day gifts @ohbotherblog

  1. A house cleaning. You can buy a gift card from Merry Maids or similar. Or, be a real pal and clean her house for her.
  2. An Amazon gift card, or share your Amazon Prime account with her. Trust me, nothing beats ordering 300 diapers and having them delivered to your house two days later.
  3. A massage or a spa day. Find a licensed massage therapist here through this amta search. A mani/pedi is a sure winner as well.
  4. A professional photography session. Foot the bill for a mommy-and-me photo session so mom can get in front of the camera, instead of behind it, for once.
  5. A blow out (the hair kind, not the diaper kind). A good hair day can lift anyone’s spirits. Give her a gift certificate for a blow out at her favorite salon. Or, shoot, I’d even take a bottle of dry shampoo. I like Tigi Bed Head.
  6. An hour. Give her one baby-free hour to use how she pleases. Target run?
  7. A gourmet meal at home. Share the joy of cooking (ha!) with a Blue Apron gift subscription. All the fresh ingredients, plus the recipes for one, two or four weeks of delicious, homecooked meals. Better yet, come over and cook them for her.
  8. A night out. Offer to babysit so she and dad can go out to eat. Or screw dad, let her go out with her girlfriends!
  9. A morning in. Come over early in the morning and offer to get up with the baby so she can sleep in past 7am for the first time in months.
  10. A bottle of wine. Or go for the gold and enter her in a Wine of the Month club. What happens while the baby is asleep, stays while the baby is asleep.

Actually, I’m pretty sure any mom (first-time or not) would appreciate these gifts!

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