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the horror. the horror.


My toddler is a screamer. @ohbotherblog

So here it is: my toddler is a screamer. It turns out that Holden’s own fireworks display on the Fourth of July was not a fluke; she is a full-blown screaming, tantrum-throwing, screeching toddler. She has also added a fun new word to her vocabulary: NOW. “Milky now.” “Outside now.” “Done now.”

I have a 24-lb. terrorist in my house.

My toddler is a screamer. @ohbotherblog

According to Babycenter (where I end up after googling crazy things like “screaming toddler,” “toddler play in poop,” etc.):

Believe it or not, your toddler’s volume is turned way up not because she means to annoy you, but because she’s full of that wonderful toddler joie de vivre. She’s exploring the power of her voice, and experimenting with what she can do with it.

Joie de vivre, eh? Let me tell you, there is no joie in having to bust out your wrestling pretzel legs just to change your kid’s diaper.

So Babycenter recommends:

  • Run errands on her schedule – Um. I rarely leave the house with her, let alone taking her to run errands.
  • Stick to noisy stores and restaurant – This kid hasn’t seen a restaurant that isn’t Chick Fil A since her first birthday.
  • Ask her to use an indoor voice – If you want to feel absolutely invisible, ask a hysterical, screaming, hiccuping toddler to use her indoor voice.
  • Make a game out of it – That sounds like the worst game ever.

What to Expect says:

  • When your toddler starts screeching up a storm, turn on some music and suggest he sing or join you in a sing-along.
  • Challenge your screaming toddler: Look him in the eye and whisper. That may catch his attention and may make him curious enough to listen (and hopefully quiet down so he can hear).

So, again, these ideas all sound well and good but… seriously, when Holden gets worked up, it seems like pretty much all I can do is put her in a safe place to let her scream through it. I’ve tried reasoning with her. I’ve tried putting my fingers to my lips and “shh”ing and getting her to repeat it. I’ve tried whispering. Time outs make her even more upset (don’t get me wrong, I still do them). If I put her in her room, she beats on the door like the zombies in the Thriller video while calling out my name. Today I literally let her scream in my face for 15 minutes while I drank my coffee without even acknowledging her or saying a word.

When she finally calms down, we talk about how it isn’t nice or effective to scream and how she should use her inside voice and apologize for screaming, etc. But when she’s in the moment, it is a typhoon of horror.

I saw a tip on a Babycenter message board that sounded somewhat promising, from Good Ol’ Doctor Phil:

He advises that the parent/guardian needs to VALIDATE the child. In other words, the child is screaming because he/she cannot communicate effectively with you and that is the only way to get your attention. But, if you VALIDATE them by repeating what it is that they want three times (i.e. “I KNOW you want that book. I KNOW you want that book. I KNOW you want that book.”) they stop and listen to you.

Worth a shot I suppose.

If not, What to Expect reminds that “this too shall pass.”

My toddler is a screamer. @ohbotherblog

Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

fireworks fail, or my worst night as a parent to date


My hometown puts on a pretty fun event for Independence Day at our Atlantic League baseball stadium. Think bounce houses, carousel, playground, live music, concessions and, of course, fireworks.

If you’ll recall, we forewent fireworks for Holden last year. This year, I thought we’d give it a shot. Spoiler alert: it didn’t go well.

I’ll preface by saying Holden has been getting her two-year molars, had a fever the day before and I was keeping her up about an hour and a half past her bedtime. But she had taken a nice, late nap so I thought we might be okay. Spoiler alert: we weren’t.

My mom and I got to the stadium (with both kids) around 7:45pm. We rode the carousel and had fun on the playground.

Then we headed onto the field to set up our blanket and stake out our spot for the fireworks show, which was to start around 9:30pm. There was a fun Army jazz band and Holdy got her dance on for a bit.

Then Ms. Antsy got, well, antsy and started to run around a bit. My mom went off chasing her and… 15 minutes later… brought back a possessed demon child from Independence Day hell.

The screaming. The kicking. The writhing. The teeth gnashing. As I carried her out, literally kicking and screaming (and in the process dropping her shoe, which I had to humiliatingly accept from a nice man who chased after us to return it to me), I could feel all eyes on us. Some judging. Some sympathetic. Some terrified.

I took her to a grassy spot off the field that was slightly more private and actually had to form a human Thundershirt to calm her down. For 30 minutes, I struggled to get her to a level that I could even just talk to her. It was overwhelming, and embarrassing, and scary, and frustrating, and mortifying. But I think I kept relatively calm myself. Not sure what the thousands of bystanders would have to say.

The storm passed and we went back on the field to pack up and leave before the fireworks even started. She was calm (tired?) enough to ride in the stroller (usually a struggle) and we got to watch the ‘works on the way out and the walk back to the car. Bonus: we missed the traffic on the way out.

I’m hoping this is “normal” two year-old-stuff. The knowing looks I received from other parents tells me it is. But I’m not exaggerating when I say it was my worst night as a parent so far. I left feeling absolutely terrible about myself as a mother.

But the excitement on her face when she watched the fireworks for the first time *almost* made that 30 minutes of horror worth it.

Holdy's First Fireworks


that time I thought holdy almost blew up the house


Toddler puts ball in AC exhaust pipe @ohbotherblog

When I got home from work this afternoon, Holdy was upset and kept saying “ball stuck.” My dad nonchalantly explained that she had put one of her water table balls into one of the vents outside. I, being an idiot, thought nothing of it until I—also nonchalantly—mentioned it to someone else… and they said that it could kind of be a big deal, as that vent is the exhaust to the AC and furnace.

So I contacted “my guy”—you know everyone has one.

Toddler puts ball in AC exhaust pipe @ohbotherblog

That convo led to me literally hacking off the pipe to see if the ball was there. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. (ps: I was doing that in a dress, with a phone in one hand while Holdy screamed in her gated bedroom and GB screamed in his infant seat.)

Toddler puts ball in AC exhaust pipe @ohbotherblog

So I turned off the AC (ack! it’s 90 degrees outside) and my guy came and looked inside the actual HVAC unit. The ball wasn’t there, which means it’s (hopefully) somewhere in the pipe between the unit and the outside wall.

The good news is that AC doesn’t put out exhaust—only heat does—so it shouldn’t be an immediate issue in this hot, hot summer and I can turn the AC back on. But my guy is going to send his HVAC guy to come and (hopefully) get the ball out soon.

Oh, and to fix this:

Toddler puts ball in AC exhaust pipe @ohbotherblog

Never. A. Dull. Moment.

birthday traditions


Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

So as per ushe, I’m totally late on this (like more than a week late), but Holdy’s second birthday was pretty great.

I forewent a big birthday party this year and instead we went to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

We continued the tradition of birthday pizza.

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

We wore hats and ate the delicious cake I made (by scratch! yes, me!).

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

And we had a Birthday Clock Photo success!

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

Oh and of course the tradition of a meltdown birthday photo is still going strong!

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

to my daughter on her second birthday



Well, Big Girl, it’s your second birthday. This has been a wonderful, frustrating, hilarious, educational, heartwarming, awe-inspiring, terrifying, remarkable year watching you grow.

Truth be told, you entered your “terrible twos” a bit early: more like the “terrible 18 months.” But I’ll take a terrible day with you over no day with you at all.

the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

You are precocious and curious and silly and sweet. You like to make funny faces and have a laugh that’s bigger than your body.

First day as a SAHM with two kids @ohbotherblog

You’re a “hugger.” You have so much love to give. Granted, sometimes you literally tackle other kids to the ground or put your brother in a sleeper hold, but you’re such a sweetie.

my kid is a hugger @ohbotherblog

You love to dance. Or, excuse me: “shake your booty” (thanks, Nanny). You love to run and climb and swing like a monkey. You’re a very athletic little girl. I’ve witnessed several yoga headstands and even a forward roll already.

You’re a great big sister. You like to “help” me with your brother by shoving his Nuk in his mouth or covering his face with a blanket or throwing away his diapers (after smelling them or putting them in your mouth). You like to “tickle tickle tickle” him. And hold his hands. My heart grows three sizes every time I see you with him because I know you’re in it together for the long haul, whether you like it or not.

You’re a great little sister to our dog, Sally, who has gotten a lot more tolerant of your love. You give her big hugs and giggle when she licks your hands and face.

You have an amazing vocabulary for a two year old (I credit the flash cards). You’re starting to string words together into a sentence and I love watching you learn and grow every day. I cracked up laughing the one time you held up my bathing suit top and said, “Oooooh. What is thiiiiiis?!”

You like to hold my hand to come down the steps. I’ll remember that when, in ten years (or less, ugh), you’ll make me walk behind you in public.

You like to “sing” even though you don’t know the words. You love Katy Perry and Frozen. You tell me to “Sing. Anna. Mama.” and I belt out “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” for you. Even in public. We car dance with one hand in the air to “Happy” or “Blurred Lines.” Or anything with a beat, really.

You like to eat sushi (“soosh”) and edamame and vegetables. You like to eat whatever I’m eating (which has become a trick of mine to get you to ingest food). You call any kind of dessert “pie.” One day your Duke brought you home from the park with a sippy cup full of Coke. He was banned for a week. You drink the hell outta some milk (“muhk”). Every morning, you greet me with your command: “Muhk. Joos. Mana.” (milk, juice, banana).

We watch Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street (“Elmo”) and Dora the Explorer (“DuhDuhDora”). You love Toy Story (“Woody”) and Annie and, of course, Frozen (“Anna”). Since you can’t read I’ll tell you that I bought us tickets to see Disney on Ice “Frozen” in October.

We’ve started practice potty training but mom isn’t ready to fully pull the trigger yet. You like to pee on the potty and wear your big girl undies.

Potty training a 2-year-old @ohbotherblog

You sleep in your big girl bed in your big girl room… with 18 stuffed animals, 4 Nuks and 7 blankets. I’m concerned you may be showing some tendencies of hoarding. Before you go to sleep, you like to turn on your sound machine and humidifier (pointing and saying “too”) and then instruct me to “Fan. On.” to turn on your ceiling fan.

Transitioning from crib to big girl bed @ohbotherblog

You like to go to the park and the swimming pool and Gymboree. You like shoes and purses. You’ll throw a bag over your shoulder and say, “See ya!” When I ask where you’re going you say, “Mall.”

You like to color and try to eat the crayons. You make me tea and soup in your play kitchen. You love to read books and play with your flash cards (before you could talk, you could do the “You’re out!” sign for the umpire card). You enjoy looking at “pickles” of yourself on my iPhone, despite hating actually posing for photos, and are a pro at a touch screen already.

Toddler Narcissist @ohbotherblog

Two years old, going on seven. Starting preschool in the fall. Miss Independent; Miss “Holdy do it.”

You’re my big girl and my sweet baby girl at the same time. I love ya, kid. Happy Second Birthday.

Rainbow Romper for a colorful first birthday @ohbotherblog

Halloween DIY scarecrow makeup for moms @ohbotherblog

stay at home mom for the week @ohbotherblog

Great Gatsby baby shower for a baby named Gatsby @ohbotherblog

Introducing baby #1 to baby #2 @ohbotherblog

early birthday surprise


the toddler poop incident @ohbotherblog

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just leave these here.

the toddler poop incident @ohbotherblog

the toddler poop incident @ohbotherblog

ps – I think I found a new way to make your toddler get rid of their Nuk…

the no-party birthday


Party pooper @ohbotherblog

As I stand holding the third invitation we’ve received to a carnival/circus-themed kid’s birthday party this year—this one complete with big-top tent, popcorn machine and balloon-animal-making clown—I feel both relieved and slightly guilty.

Holden’s second birthday is this Saturday. I’ve opted not to throw her a big party this year because I. just. cannot. I think the party I threw for her first birthday was cute and not really too over-the-top and even that was more effort than I care to spend this year. I mean, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about those damn rainbow cupcakes.

Rainbow Cake Fail @ohbotherblog

So for Holdy’s birthday, we’re taking a trip to the zoo and then we’re inviting grandparents over for a cake that I will (hopefully) make. I like to think I’m not depriving my child or traumatizing her by not throwing the big party.

I enjoyed having a summer birthday growing up and, if the weather was nice, we’d spend the day at the pool and I’d get a thrill if my birthday was announced over the loud speaker. I was usually able to invite a friend to the movies and then we went back to my house for cake and ice cream. It was enough for me.

Part of my inspiration in starting this blog is that I think we as parents/homeowners/cooks/humans are placing too high expectations on ourselves to lead a Pinterest-worthy life. It’s exhausting.

Birthday tradition: clock photo showing birth time @ohbotherblog

So I’m taking myself out of the game on this one. I can’t compete with the photo booths and handmade decorations and popcorn bars. There will be no clowns or paper garlands or custom party favors. There will be zoo animals, and birthday pizza, and a (hopefully) handmade cake and, of course, the birthday clock photo. And it will be enough for me. And for Holden.

Let’s all just cut ourselves some slack.

oh and p.s.—this is the cake I’m attempting tomorrow night: The Best White Cake Recipe. Just because I’m not throwing a Pinterest-worthy party doesn’t mean there won’t be Pinterest fails.

Remember this one?

Pinterest FAIL: Oh Happy Day's mini cakes @ohbotherblog

if you have a chair facing the corner in your dining room…


Time out chair @ohbotherblog

You might be the parent of a toddler.

big girl bed, big girl room, big girl


Transitioning from crib to big girl bed @ohbotherblog

As you may or may not recall, I was a little stressed about making the transition from crib to big girl bed for Holden. The plan had been to keep her in the crib in the nursery until her second birthday (June) and then make the move, while then also moving Gatsby from the bassinet in my room into the crib in the nursery. But when my little monkey started crawling out of the crib about a month ago, I decided we had to fast-track.

I was planning on taking baby steps by moving the big girl bed into the nursery first to let her get used to the new bed before the new room. I turned the crib around with the high side facing out to buy myself some time until I had help moving the beds. For moms in my position: this actually worked and kept her from crawling out of the crib. You just have to put the kid in and take them out from the side.

Transitioning from crib to big girl bed @ohbotherblog

But then, one day last week, Holden started carrying her blankets and some of the 87 stuffed animals she sleeps with from the nursery, across the hall and into her big girl room. So I decided—what the hell?—let’s just go for it. And we did.

And… it worked! She slept just fine all throughout the night with no crying or calling out. I did hear her talking to herself/her toys on the monitor a bit before she fell asleep but, to be honest, I wasn’t worried about it as long as she was quiet and out of my hair, haha. In the morning, I again heard her talking to her toys so I waited until I saw her actually get out of bed to go in.

Naps have worked just as well. We’ve been going strong for about a week now and there’s no looking back.

Transitioning from crib to big girl bed @ohbotherblog

Check out that big girl. See: totally wasn’t lying about all the stuffed animals.

Also, this is the bed we got her from Ikea: the MINNEN Ext bed frame, which fits a twin size mattress at its largest size (which is what we have in it).

MINNEN Ext bed frame @ohbotherblog

It looks like it might not be available anymore, so that’s a bummer.

Guess I have to get my butt in gear and actually finish the room now! Post on that coming soonish. Maybe.

the boudreaux’s butt paste incident


the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

Holden. In the nursery. With the Butt Paste.

I’ve been trying to let Holden play a little more independently lately. So today when she went upstairs while I was nursing her brother downstairs, I decided to let the situation play out for a few minutes. Take a guess how that went.

Alarmed by her unusual silence, I went upstairs and was greeted by this smiling face.

the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

Oh yeah. That’s diaper cream.

She had helped herself to the large tub of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on the changing table and got it all in her hair…

the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

Her stuffed animals. The clothes she had pulled out of her drawers and strewn about.

the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

and the carpet.

the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

So the clothes and stuffed animals went into the laundry. And Holden went into the bathtub.

the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

Using knowledge I learned from a previous similar Vaseline incident, I tried washing her with dish soap to cut through the greasiness…

the boudreaux's butt paste incident @ohbotherblog

It didn’t work. (but isn’t that little pony tail cute?)

Also, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste does not come easily out of Berber carpet.

How’s your day going?

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