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Home Sweet (New) Home


Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We’ve moved! Yes, again. 

As you may know, I’m pretty involved in the revitalization of our Downtown. I work for our economic development organization, I own a business downtown, I’ve joined the board of a local charter school. Everything in our lives was converging upon Downtown… so we decided to put ourselves there too.

So, we bought this charming old house, built in 1912. The house was actually purchased last year, but we allowed the current tenants to hang out for a bit. So, come this summer, they moved out and the renovation began.

One full month of work: paint, floors, lighting, bathrooms. We’re so happy with the results–it’s amazing what just a little facelift can do.

Living Room: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Dining Area: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kitchen: Before & After (the kitchen had been updated not too long ago, so luckily we didn’t have too much work to do here).

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Upstairs Hallway: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Playroom: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kids’ Room: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kids’ Bathroom: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Master Suite: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Here are some of my most favorite rooms:

The Kids’ Playroom! 
The second floor of the house has three rooms all dedicated to the kids. Because they’re sharing a room (for now), we have room for a playroom and family room that’s all theirs. 

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

The Kids’ Bedroom!

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

The Kitchen!
We added the faux-tin backsplash and light fixtures as an easy pick-me-up. The little figurines on the cabinets are old liquor decanters painted by my Great Grandma.

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We even had time for a little DIY project in the few weeks since we’ve moved in. Funny story: I felt like the protruding wall in the living room was just begging for a faux fireplace mantel. A friend pointed out that there’s most likely an actual fireplace behind the wall–sure enough, there’s a chimney there! I’m not really into doing any more demo right now, so this faux fireplace will have to do in the meantime:

Faux Mantel Project @ohbotherblog

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We have a friend painting a chalkboard hearth for us to go inside–I can’t wait to post the final results!

We absolutely love living Downtown. We take a walk every night, we visit playgrounds, ride our bikes on the Rail Trail, walk to Downtown shops and restaurants, flag down the ice cream truck, check out local historical buildings, play Pokemon-Go and talk to our neighbors. I’ll share more as we continue to settle in!

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

ditching cable and streaming TV


How to ditch cable and stream TV @ohbotherblog

I get questions every so often from people who are interested in ditching cable, so I figured I’d put this down in one place once and for all.

When I moved last fall, I chose not to bring my cable package with me. Since having kids, my personal TV-watching time has decreased, but I couldn’t give up television entirely because, yes, I let my kids watch TV sometimes (!) and because my dad (aka my daycare) appreciates being able to watch TV throughout the day. So here’s what we do in my house:

  1. I switched to Verizon as my Internet provider (about $56 a month for the enhanced Internet package to accommodate streaming.)
  2. I have a Roku, which ranges from $39.99-$99.99 on Amazon.
    1. I also have an Apple TV in my upstairs bedroom, though I actually prefer the Roku.
  3. I have Amazon Prime Instant Video through my Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom account ($99/year, so $8.25/month).
    1. There are some shows/movies that require purchase, so I try to be discerning. For example, Season 2 of Yo Gabba Gabba is free on Amazon Prime, but you have to purchase other episodes or seasons. I finally broke down and purchased Season 4 for my own sanity.
  4. I have Hulu Plus for new episodes and full seasons of current TV shows and some movies ($7.99/month).
  5. I have Netflix for movies, older seasons of TV shows and Netflix Original Series, like House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black ($7.99/month).
    1. If you can do without the Netflix Originals, this is a platform you could probably forego as there is quite a bit of overlap with Amazon and Hulu.
  6. I just signed up for Sling TV, which allows you to stream live TV on cable networks like Disney Channel, ABC Family (because I love Pretty Little Liars), AMC, ESPN, TBS, HGTV, Food Network and more ($20/month). You can also add HBO for an additional $15 a month.
    1. I signed up for Sling essentially just to be able to watch the Mad Men series finale live but it’s looking like it may become an integral part of our TV routine.
  7. I purchased a AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna for $24.99, which attaches to the wall behind the TV and gets me two networks (NBC and Fox)… and their weird digital channels (my Fox station has a digital channel that has all 1970’s sitcoms).
    1. This has been great for my avid Dateline viewing and some live events like awards shows that are on NBC or Fox.

So, for a $65-75 starting investment (Roku Stick + digital antenna), you can take the first step of saying goodbye to cable. Yes, I am still paying about $100 a month for my Internet and various streaming channels, but it’s less than I was paying for cable + Internet previously and I essentially have on-demand access to just about any TV show or movie imaginable. And, it keeps both my toddler and my dad happy. Annnnnd, most of these channels have mobile apps as well so you can stream on your phone or tablet.

By the way, if you don’t already have an Amazon Prime membership, I highly recommend, if only for the free two-day shipping. I Prime everything, including toilet paper (TMI?).



Have I shared with you yet my love for spray paint?

Today, I found some crappy old folding TV tray tables in my basement. Rather than following my first instinct of tossing them, I instead decide to spray paint them fun colors to give them new life.

Spray paint makeover @ohbotherblog

I’ve become slightly obsessed with spray painting things. It’s been my goal in the last year to add more color to my home and spray paint certainly does the trick. I also appreciate that it doesn’t have to be an exact art, so I can be somewhat haphazard in my application.

Have a boring old piece of furniture or home good just sitting around? Pick up a can and go to town. 

Check out some of my other spray painted pieces:

Spray paint makeover @ohbotherblog Spray paint makeover @ohbotherblog Spray paint makeover @ohbotherblog Spray paint makeover @ohbotherblog

(yep, that’s TMNT on TV in the background.)

Viva la spray paint!


the snoring twenties: gatsby’s nursery


 36 weeks and counting. Though I’m planning on keeping baby #2 in a bassinet in my room (and Holden in the nursery) for the first couple of months, the (teeny tiny) nester inside of me wanted to prep the nursery for his arrival.

As you can see, I actually did very little to change the nursery from Holden’s room to Gatsby’s. A chair swap, a new lamp (from a yard sale), a new mirror (from Target), and an update in some of the wall art counts as redecoration for me. Though, simple may be better in keeping with literary accuracy:

His bedroom was the simplest room of all — except where the dresser was garnished with a toilet set of pure dull gold.

Okay, I don’t have a toilet set of pure gold. Here’s Gatsby’s nursery anyway.

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

We’re almost ready for you, buddy!

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog


big girl room idea board


Alice in Wonderland little girls' room @ohbotherblog

Lately I’ve been getting the itch to start working on Holden’s big girl room. I’m thinking I want to have an Alice in Wonderland feel (you know how I feel about themes!).

Originally, I was feeling pretty ambitious and thought I could make Holdy a rag quilt for her room, using the Easy, Thrifty, Pretty Rag Quilt {Tutorial} from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.

Easy, Thrifty, Pretty Rag Quilt {Tutorial}  @ohbotherblog

Aren’t the colors so pretty?

Now remember, I can’t sew to save my life. AND, as I was looking into the various patterns and quantities of fabrics I was going to have to buy, I realized… I’d be better off just buying the damn quilt.

So… I just ordered this gorgeous Amy Butler rag quilt from On a Small Scale on Etsy.

Amy Butler Rag Quilt @ohbotherblog

The quilt’s going to take a few months, so by the time it arrives, I’ll be ready to dive into the other pieces.

  • I want to paint the walls yellow (possibly Fun Yellow by Sherwin Williams, shown above), with a chalkboard accent wall.
  • I want to refinish some old dressers in bright, fun colors.
  • I may attempt to make that teacup clock, which, again may be too ambitious for me.
  • I think I can probably handle that colorful hook rack, but we’ll see!
  • What do we think about that Cheshire Cat wall decal? Creepy? Cool?

Anyway, the wheels are turning! I’ll post some pics when I actually get started.

my house lacks style, pt. 3: the living room


So if you’ll recall, I’ve been pretty lazy about sassing up our new house (and by “new,” I mean we’ve been living here for six months). Up until recently, this is what our living room looked like:

living room: before @ohbotherblog

Boring, right? No character… also almost no real evidence of a child (pay no attention to the sick little girl on the couch, or the random bassinet attachment I had chilling on top of that basket there for some reason). Our original thought was that the living room would remain a relatively kid-free zone, while the (finished) basement would become the romper room. That… never actually happened.

So I decided to embrace the fact that the living room would now be the dedicated play room. I wanted to add some color and whimsy. And I really, really wanted a teepee (thanks, Pinterest). So here’s what the living room looks like now:

Yellow chevron teepee and bunting @ohbotherblog

We’ve already established that I have no sewing ability whatsoever, so I bought the teepee from Little Birds Boutique on Etsy. The listing only included the fabric (which has pre-sewn pockets for the rods). I also purchased the Teepee Accessories Package, which included crutch tips for the poles, nylon rope and electrical tape. We bought the PVC pipes at Lowe’s and Mr. B cut them to size and drilled little holes in the top. It was a relatively painless process.

The teepee is great for hiding toys, it looks adorable, and it’s become Sally’s secret spot.

Yellow chevron teepee from Little Birds Boutique @ohbotherblog

The “You Are My Sunshine” bunting was a birthday party purchase that I decided to keep up all the time. I feel like it adds a little somethin’. It comes from Pickled Cherry Paper on Etsy.

"You Are My Sunshine" bunting @ohbotherblog

So that’s my living room currently. I’ve decided against drapes because I love the natural light, and the openness that the naked windows bring to the room.  I’m tossing around the idea of adding strips of Washi Tape to the blinds to add a little color, but I haven’t found a pattern I like just yet.

Thoughts? Feeling it?

full disclosure: holden’s nursery


So I’ve been feeling the need to confess something and, in the spirit of this blog and its attempt to make everyone feel better about not being the Pinterest wizards we all pretend to be, I’m gonna do it.

Okay. In our old house, Holden’s nursery was pretty much the cutest.

Holdens Nursery - Before @ohbotherblog

pic from my friends at Ready. Shoot. Sell.

It was featured on Apartment Therapy and was adorable, nbd. Whatever. Let’s be honest, I bought everything on etsy and made nothing myself, but nonetheless, I was pretty proud of it.

Flash forward to now, three months in our new house, and this is what Holden’s nursery currently looks like.

Holden's nursery now @ohbotherblog

I should probably be embarrassed to show you that, but oh well. Let’s break it down: the room isn’t painted, we haven’t hung anything, I have a freaking diaper box chilling out in the open. There. Don’t we all feel a little bit better?

So there you have it: the ugly, honest truth. We’re planning on hanging some of her nursery pieces this weekend. Hopefully that will make a difference, but I feel like without painted walls, it’s never going to be as cute. I’ll post an update after some of the stuff is up!

my house lacks style, pt. 2


If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve decided that, after three months in our not-new-enough-to-call-it-new-anymore house, it’s time to start decorating. But because I’m me, I have to do it a little bit at at time.

The dining room is pretty well taken care of at this point. Recently I turned my attention to my bare, kinda-boring kitchen cabinets.

Bare Kitchen Cabinets @ohbotherblog

I have these super cool vintage liquor decanters that were painted by my great grandmother. I actually have no idea how old they are. I do know that they portray ridiculous cultural stereotypes, but I love them anyway.

They represent, from left to right: rice wine, vino, brandy, Scotch, Vodka, Irish whiskey, moonshine and bourbon. Aren’t they fantastic?

Painted vintage liquor decanters @ohbotherblog

I mean, check out that cool colonel.

But this Moonshine guy is my all-time favorite:

Vintage Liquor Decanter (moonshine) @ohbotherblog

So I took the cool liquor decanters and paired them with various vases, filled with just some of the thousands of corks that my husband has been collecting for years. He’s not a huge wino, I promise; once people hear that Mr. B collects corks, they tend to save them for him.

Corks as decoration @ohbotherblog

Whaddya think?

Liquor decanters and wine corks @ohbotherblog

It’s not a gorgeous backsplash, but it’s a start. I’m making my way through the house, bit by bit.

my house lacks style, pt. 1


So, we moved into our new house just about three months ago because we were quickly outgrowing our townhouse. Now, while I love our beautiful (bigger, airier) new home, it’s (relatively) new construction and is lacking a bit of character. I was too busy to care at first, but lately it’s been bumming me out. Also, I’ve been totally lazy about decorating, so that hasn’t helped.

We had the first floor of the house painted while we were in Disney World (Sherwin-Williams Collonade Gray SW7641), so now we’re slowly-but-surely starting to get around to finally hanging some of our stuff.

So far, we’ve gotten the dining room pretty well situated:

Pops of color in the dining room @ohbotherblog

Pretty amazing what just hanging some artwork (and a fantastic mirror) can do.

Yellow and gray dining room @ohbotherblog

Yellow and gray dining room @ohbotherblog

I’m in love with my super colorful prints. They represent various landmarks in my hometown, painted by a local artist named Brenda Wintermyer. We received the first print as a wedding gift and have made the subsequent prints our Christmas gift to ourselves each year.

I’ve been feeling yellow and gray lately, so that’s where my other pops of color come in.

Yellow and Gray Dining Room @ohbotherblog

My curtains are custom drapery panels from thislittlehome (etsy) in Suzani Print in Corn Yellow and Slub White.

My chevron table runner (that needs to be ironed, I know. And is too short for the table with the leaf in, I know.) is from Appleberry Attic via Very Jane. (do you know about Very Jane’s daily deals? Awesome.)

So it’s a start, anyway. The good thing about this being a work-in-progress is that I should have plenty of blog material. Stay tuned as I make my way through the house!

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