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Rainbow Cake Redux


You may recall, four years ago I attempted to make (Spearmint Baby’s) Rainbow Cupcakes for Holdy’s First Birthday. It did not go well. This year, because she is Holdy who loves rainbows and being difficult, Holdy requested a Rainbow Cake for her Fifth Birthday. So here we go again.

This time, I was gifted Wilton’s Easy Layers! 6 Inch Round Cake Pan Set to ease the process a bit.

Rainbow Layer Cake Easy Layers! 6 Inch Round Cake Pan Set @ohbotherblog

These five smaller pans make one whole cake box. I made a box cake according to the instructions and split the batter “equally” into five different bowls.

Make a Rainbow Birthday Cake @ohbotherblog

Make a Rainbow Birthday Cake @ohbotherblog

We used a combination of McCormick Neon Food Coloring and Traditional Food Coloring to achieve our desired color combos in each bowl of batter.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

I greased each pan with butter and cut circles of wax paper to fit in the bottom of each pan. I then “equally” filled each of the five baking pans with their respective colored batters and baked at 350 degrees. 

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

I checked them after 10 minutes and left them in for a total of 15 minutes.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

The cakes all came out of the pans really easily and I set them to cool on a wire rack.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

I then followed The Bearfoot Baker’s instructions on how to freeze a (layer) cake before frosting it. I wrapped each layer of cake in two layers of plastic wrap, one layer of foil, and placed them in large ziploc bags (two to a bag).

The next day, I thawed the cakes in their wrappings for about 20 minutes. I then leveled the tops of each layer with a serrated knife, cutting off the “dome” to make them flat for stacking.

I stacked the layers on top of each other, with a (big ol’) smear of icing in between each layer.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

Because the layer pans make the sides rounded off, I also levels the sides with a serrated knife to make the “tower” even.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

If you’ll notice, my cake tower is already leaning a bit. Oh well.

You’ll also notice that your cake looks like a hot mess at this point. This is where the Crumb Coat comes in.

Spread a thin layer of icing all over the cake–it’s okay that cake crumbs get smeared in because you’ll be doing the “real” layer of icing later.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

Pop that sucker into the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes to allow the crumb coat to set.

Then take ‘er out and add your icing.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake @ohbotherblog

I should note that the humidity and the transportation of my cake took a bit of a toll on the tower and it started to sag slightly on the backside, I guess collapsing on the weight of itself? Possibly I should have smooshed the layers down a bit firmer on top of each other?

Make a Rainbow Cake @ohbotherblog

So yeah, it looked a little saggy, lol. But it doesn’t matter, because all the glory comes when you cut into that bad boy.

Make a Rainbow Cake @ohbotherblog

Make a Rainbow Cake @ohbotherblog

Note: it is not easy to cut thin slices of this cake because of its height, and the top-heaviness. So big slices it is!

Make a Rainbow Cake @ohbotherblog

The cake was a huge hit. And bonus: it tasted great too!

Make a Rainbow Cake @ohbotherblog

Rainbow Layer Cake
Yields 8
A beautiful 5-layered cake that's fun and colorful
Write a review
  1. Wilton Easy Layers! 6 Inch Round Cake Pan Set
  2. Butter (for pan greasing)
  3. 1 box cake mix
  4. 3 eggs
  5. 1 cup water
  6. 1/2 cup oil
  7. Serrated knife
  8. 2 jars of white icing
  9. Food coloring (McCormick Neon for Pastel Colors)
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Cut 5 circles out of wax paper to fit bottoms of pans
  3. Grease pans with butter and place wax paper in bottom
  4. Follow cake mix instructions
  5. Split batter as evenly as possible into 5 bowls
  6. Add food coloring to each bowl to achieve desired color
  7. Pour colored batter into each respective cake pan
  8. Bake in oven at 350 degrees
  9. Check after 10 minutes
  10. (Total bake time should be around 15 minutes)
  11. Cool in pan for 5 minutes
  12. Remove cakes from pans and cool on wire rack until completely cool
  13. Wrap each cake layer in 2 layers of plastic wrap, 1 layer of foil and place in ziploc freezer bags
  14. Place cakes in freezer for anywhere from 20 minutes to longer (overnight)
  15. Remove cakes from freezer and allow to thaw in wrap for about 15-20 minutes
  16. Unwrap cakes and level layers by cutting the domes off the top with a serrated knife
  17. Stack layers in desired order with a layer of icing in between
  18. Press down gently on layers to limit space between layers
  19. With serrated knife, vertically level layers to remove individual rounded edges and make even
  20. Apply thin layer of icing -- "Crumb Coat"
  21. Place in fridge for 20 minutes to allow Crumb Coat to set
  22. Final layer of icing on the tower
  23. Decorate as desired
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a letter to my daughter on her fifth birthday


A letter to my daughter on her fifth birthday @ohbotherblog

Holdy, oh Holdy. You are five years old today. The most stylish, silliest, songful five year old I know. “Precocious” doesn’t even come close to describing you.

You are graduating from Pre-K this week. This year has been such a fundamental year for your growth and development and you’re really thriving at school.


Graduation photo day. This kid will be a pre-k graduate in a month! #whatholdywore

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Your teachers at York Day Nursery are Miss Sarah, Miss Kristy, Miss Evelyn and Mr. Cody. You love your friends and there’s not a day we walk into you classroom that at least one kid doesn’t yell your name and come running for a hug. We rocked the “100 Book Challenge” this year, reading more than 400 books. 

You’ll be starting Kindergarten at York Academy in the fall, after spending your summer at the YMCA’s Camp Spirit. You were so excited to get accepted into York Academy that you wore a uniform to Pre-K the rest of the week after the lottery.


#whatholdywore Someone wanted to get a jumpstart on wearing a uniform next year to @yorkacademycharter

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I’m hoping that excitement continues into the fall and that the uniform doesn’t cramp your unique sense of personal style too much.


My daughter has become an Olsen Twin. #whatholdywore

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Kid, you’re pretty much a style icon. Your outfits of the day are always outrageous but you rock them with pride. I even bought the URL www.whatholdywore.com to go with your #whatholdywore hashtag. As soon as you’re old enough to start using the internet, let’s figure out how to make you an Instagram star so I can retire.

You asked me the other day if I want you to be a “superstar” when you grow up. You may not realize it now, but you already are.


Our own backyard concert. #whatholdywore

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You’d rather sing than talk. I’m thinking some vocal lessons may be in your future.

You love to make art and your favorite thing to draw (and wear) is rainbows.


Invisible Strings #whatholdymade

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Rainbows everywhere.


#whatholdywore Super Rainbow and… Frankenstein? (Photo credit: Nanny)

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You insist I paint your fingernails “a rainbow,” using a different color for each nail. We just started experimenting with fun hair colors.


Pinkhairdontcare #whatholdywore

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Hair dye, nail polish, kindergarten. You are growing up so fast.

This was a challenging year for us. Last summer, you were officially diagnosed as having ADHD and ODD and we’ve spent this year, along with your teachers, finding ways to support you as you learn and grow. We all love you and want to make sure you have all the tools possible to help you develop into the amazing human we know you’re going to be.


Drinking for a cause at the @dreamwrightstheatre fundraiser at @holyhoundtaproom #weefees

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This year we also had a new addition to our family: our 130-lb puppy, Brutus. Oh man, you guys are so cute together. As in most aspects of your life, you’re fearless around him and quickly showed him who’s boss.



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When you’re sent home sick from school but you have a big-ass dog to lie on top of you. #danesofinstagram

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Your best friend continues to be your brother.


Valentines #whatholdywore #mrgatsby #ohbotherblog 🍯

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You guys share a bed at night because you “keep him safe.” You guys also fight like cats and dogs and drive me crazy on a nightly basis. But every morning, you hug him goodbye at school and blow him kisses through his classroom window. You’re sweet like that.

You asked for a “pink sparkly” desk for your birthday and of course I obliged.

Today you are responding to everyone who wishes you a Happy Birthday by saying, “and Happy Unbirthday to you.” You’re also giving everyone high 5’s because you’re five. Nanny is going to come to school and take you out to lunch today–will you choose McDonald’s or pancakes?

Tonight, we’re going to make bath fizzies at Sunrise Soap Company with your brother and cousins, followed by Rainbow PB&J’s and Rainbow Cake (which you and your brother “helped” make) at the Pretzel Shop.

You’re going to have an amazing summer, Buddy, and an amazing first year of Kindergarten. I’m so proud, thrilled and honored to watch you grow. Your joy is infectious and you’re so fun to be around, even when you’re making me nuts. Reach for the rainbows, Kid. We love you. Happy Birthday.


Princess Climbing Rock #whatholdywore

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a letter to my son on his third birthday


GB, Geebs, Geebo–

Well, kid, you’re three. A threenager, as they say nowadays, and boy does it show. I was rereading last year’s letter and it seems at two you were just practicing for the horror that was to come.

We both feel today has been too much one-on-one time. #pottytraining #mrgatsby #ohbotherblog 🍯

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I’ll be honest: the past month or so has been pretty rough. You get, um, explosively emotional sometimes and it seems most of your ire is directed at me. I say sometimes that you’re like an abusive boyfriend–you go from yelling and hitting me one second, to stroking my face and telling me I’m pretty the next. Sometimes, though, you’re very calm and you’re telling me and Holdy, “it’ll be alright.” So my sweet GB is still in there somewhere, but he’s a little more hidden than he used to be. It’s sort of a Bruce Banner/The Hulk situation, I guess.

"GB, why did you take your clothes off?" "To be like Bruce Banner." #hulkout

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Speaking of The Hulk, you are obsessed with superheroes. Spider-Man and Captain America mostly. You know all of the Avengers’ first names and like to use them: “Spider-Man Peter Parker” (or Petuh Pawkah in your accent), “Tony Iron Man.” You like to pretend you can climb the wall and you have Spider-Man shoes, shirts, hoodie and underpants.

Spidey testing out his climbing abilities. #ohbotherblog

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Weirdo #giventhecamelback

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Ah… underpants. We just did our potty-training bootcamp this weekend and it actually went pretty well. I did have to take home several bags of wet clothes from yesterday’s first attempt at school, but we’ll get there. You’re refusing Pull-Ups now, saying, “I’m big” with a shrug. It’s true, you are.

You started school this year at York Day Nursery. Your teachers are Miss Jennifer, Miss Sheryl and Miss Latasha. You thrive at school. You like to work with your hands and you are so creative. Your school likes to send little notes home with interesting things you’ve said throughout the day. The latest was when you were coloring with a yellow crayon you said, “I’m making sunshine!” You speak in complex sentences and you have an impressively large vocabulary.

York Day Nursery Valentine's Day party

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Of course, that vocabulary also includes curse words. Man, you have a filthy mouth; way worse than your sister ever had. The other weekend you were having a morning meltdown in my face so I removed you from my presence. You sat outside my bedroom, banging on the door, repeatedly moaning for me to, “open the fucking door.” Two days later, you were angry at me for not getting your milk (and I was angry at you for not asking nicely), and you yelled at me to, “get the milk, fucker!” I mean, you were using the terms correctly which makes me secretly proud, but obviously that’s not cool, dude. We’re working on it.

Your favorite food is scrambled eggs. You and your sister would eat breakfast for dinner every night if you could… and during Restaurant Week this year you literally did. You love “white milk” and “bars” and that’s about it. You need to eat, kid! Your lack of appetite drives me nuts.

Valentines #whatholdywore #mrgatsby #ohbotherblog 🍯

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Your sister is your best friend but you guys fight like cats and dogs. You’re at each others necks (sometimes literally) all night, and yet somehow you both choose to sleep together in the same bed every night. I’m so glad that you guys have each other and I hope you stay just as close as you grow… though it does make for some crazy evenings at our house.

Good morning. #ohbotherblog 🍯

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You’ve grown to love Sally, who sleeps with you guys every night. You’re warming to Brutus, though I understand having a large creature who’s literally 100 pounds larger than you bounding at your being might be a little frightening.

Best buds both had a big weekend. #brutus #mrgatsby

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You’re warm and curious and thoughtful. You’re funny. You’re reserved with people you don’t know. You’re my buddy. You really are a mama’s boy. Sometimes it’s a little ridiculous–you really should be wiping your own nose by now. But I’m glad you still like to give hugs and kisses and I’m secretly happy to still carry you around (sometimes. Not when my hands are full of bags and whatnot). 

Watchin' superheroes.

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Happy Birthday, Buddy. We love you.


cheater thank you cards (again)


Birthday Pancakes for a picky toddler @ohbotherblog

If you’ll recall, Holdy’s third birthday party was a few weeks ago. She received a lot of generous gifts from family and friends, so it’s time to say, “thank you.” 

If you’ll also recall, I’m kind of lazy  overwhelmed by life busy and usually looking for the easiest way to pull things off.

After Holden’s first birthday, I said, “thank you” with what I call “cheater thank you cards.” I googled “birthday thank you poem” and then found a first birthday thank you poem in an old Babycenter forum that I tweaked. This is what I ended up with:

Easy (cheater) thank you cards for first birthday. Birthday Thank You Poem. @ohbotherblog

I cheated even more for the thank you’s for GB’s first birthday. I used my Pampers Rewards Points toward 25 free Shutterfly 4×8 photo cards, uploaded a photo from his birthday party and reused the same poem.

Easy cheater thank-you cards for a baby's first birthday @ohbotherblog

That (cheap) process worked super easily for me, so I replicated the formula when it came to the thank you’s this time around.

I had to adjust the poem a bit to be appropriate for a third birthday party, but I thought the results were pretty cute:

Easy cheater thank-you cards for a kid's third birthday @ohbotherblog

The literary masterpiece went like this:

Thank you from Holdy!

The party is over; I’m officially three!
Thank you for sharing my birthday with me.

Pancakes are my favorite;
I hope you liked them too.
My birthday was so fun, because I spent it with you.

Thank you for my gifts, my wishes and more.
See you next year, when I turn four!

The “pancakes” line could easily be swapped out with “cake” (or whatever random food item your child exclusively eats and you choose to plan a party theme around). And yes, I realize the “and more” was a stretch, but I was experiencing some writer’s block on other words to rhyme with “four.”

I did let Holdy “customize” the envelopes for a more personal touch.

Let your toddler color and place stickers on a thank you card for a personal touch @ohbotherblog

Oh, and here’s the original poem from the first birthday, if you want to cheat like I did:

The party is over. I’m officially ONE!
Thank you for coming;
I hope you had fun!
Sending big kisses,
from me to you.
See you next year,
when I turn TWO!

Holden’s Princess Pancake Party


Pancake Birthday Party for a Picky Toddler @ohbotherblog

As I’ve shared, Holden’s eating habits can be challenging. As such, I would say the kid probably eats pancakes for at least seven of her weekly meals (don’t judge me; sometimes it’s not worth the battle).

So for her third birthday this year, I decided to go with what we know and have a breakfast pancake party… a Princess Pancake Party.

We took over the mezzanine level of our Central Market House downtown. The Market is closed on Sundays, but Mezzogiorno at the Market is open and happens to make bangin’ pancakes.

Princess Pancake Party at Central Market in York @ohbotherblog 

I decorated the mezzanine with Dollar Tree finds, in pink of course. And yes, those are frappuccino bottles doubling as vases. I saved a case of them after seeing a cute Pin for a milk and cookies party theme. No, I never had a milk and cookies party. Yes, this is the first time I’m using them in two years.

Princess Pancake Party for a picky three year old @ohbotherblog

I gave the kids a table of their own and filled it with activities to (hopefully) keep them entertained while waiting for pancakes.

Princess Pancake Party for a Picky Toddler @ohbotherblog

Coloring books, crayons and glitter pens to decorate their individual princess hats (again, all Dollar Tree).

Table activities to keep toddlers busy at a birthday party @ohbotherblog

Breakfast snacks consisted of a breakfast pastry platter, fruit tray, coffee, mini bottles of chocolate milk and orange juice… and mimosa fixings for the grownups (especially for me).

Mimosas for Mom at a kids' birthday pancake party @ohbotherblog

The birthday girl was so excited to see all her family and friends gathered to celebrate her.

Holdy's arrival at her birthday party @ohbotherblog

It was a perfect #whatholdywore opportunity to capture her party ensemble.

#whatholdywore princess dress and sneakers @ohbotherblog

#whatholdywore princess dress and sneakers @ohbotherblog

Holdy and her friends had fun coloring and decorating their hats.

Crafts to entertain kids during a party @ohbotherblog

And the moment we were all waiting for: Birthday Pancakes!

Birthday Pancakes for a picky toddler @ohbotherblog

Birthday Pancakes for a picky toddler @ohbotherblog

Birthday Pancakes for a picky toddler @ohbotherblog

After we all ate pancakes and Holden opened her gifts, the party was over, lasting about an hour and a half in total–my kind of kids’ party!

Oh, and I’ve been trying to find theme-appropriate t-shirts for myself to wear to each party. I found this tee at 5 Below (flower crown is my own!):

Happy Birthday Holdy! @ohbotherblog


I’m thinking this may be our last birthday party for a bit. Although this party was relatively easy to pull off, I’d like to focus on fun activities/experiences, rather than a party, for the next few birthdays. Remind me I said this next year!

DIY Party Decorations


GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog

Many of you have asked me, “Meg, how did a moron like you manage to make such cute decorations for GB’s party?” Okay, well you didn’t exactly say it like that, but I know you were thinking it.

If you want the truth, the answer is… glue dots! So here’s how I did it:

Cupcake Picks

DIY cupcake pick decorations @ohbotherblog

I punched my circles–one red and one blue for accent colors, and stuck them together with a magic glue dot.

I then rolled up a glue dot for the back of my little mustache because it wasn’t actually a sticker.

DIY cupcake pick decorations @ohbotherblog

Rolled up a glue dot for the back of the lollipop stick and slapped it onto my paper medallion.

DIY cupcake pick decorations @ohbotherblog

Boom. Done.

DIY cupcake pick decorations @ohbotherblog

(Now you understand why I was able to do this myself).
GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog
Seriously, so easy.

Paper Banner Bunting

DIY paper bunting banner @ohbotherblog

I printed my own scrapbook paper because I couldn’t find patterns I liked in my color scheme, but you could of course use any scrapbook paper you like.

Print out the bunting template and use it as your model. Cut the paper to match the template.

DIY paper bunting banner @ohbotherblog

Pop on some glue dots and attach the pennants to the jute, cut to whatever length you need. Apply as many pennants as you want to each banner.

DIY paper bunting banner @ohbotherblog

 Boom. Done.

GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog

So, like I said, glue dots are clutch. They can make anyone a crafting star.

And that, my friends, is how this moron made decorations for her son’s first birthday party without it being a true Pinterest fail.

GB’s First Birthday Party


We held GB’s First Birthday party yesterday at this adorable little pretzel shop, York City Pretzel Company (of which I happen to be an owner). I shared my lackadaisical approach to birthday planning the other day, but this party turned out pretty damn cute if I do say so myself. And, believe it or not, I actually made most of the decorations–I know: Who am I?

Whaddya think?

GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog GB's red and aqua mustache and bowtie first birthday party @ohbotherblog

Happy Birthday (tomorrow), Buddy! 

one week to GB’s party


GB's party inspiration board - red and aqua first birthday @ohbotherblog


GB’s first birthday party is one week away. Am I ready? Ha. Ha. No.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • I’m hosting the party at my pretzel shop, so there will be soft pretzels.
  • I’m doing a general red and aqua color scheme and “little man” theme with mustaches and bowties.
  • I ordered GB an adorable first birthday outfit (from Etsy of course).
  • I’m using a digital red and aqua scrapbook paper download to make some pennants to hang, primarily on his highchair.
  • I (actually) made some cute cupcake picks using crafty stuff from AC Moore. I even now own a Martha Stewart paper punch. Who am I?
  • I ordered some vanilla cupcakes to stick those picks in… and got a free smash cake in the process!
  • I found some red and blue sodas that I’m going to display in a metal drink tub.
  • I ordered a Dr. Seuss birthday book for guests to sign.
  • I’m using butcher paper to cover the tables.
  • I’m going to pick up some red and aqua helium balloons.

and… that’s about it. Since this is a small gathering with just family, they shouldn’t judge me if I don’t have a Big Top and photo booth and clown and foie gras, right? You guys know how I feel about birthday parties, after all.

I’ll share photos after the party!

still not letting it go: we went to a “Frozen” tea party


In my never-ending quest to assuage my working mom guilt and spend some fun time with Holden, I bought us tickets to attend a “Frozen”-themed tea party by a local company called The Enchanted Teapot. If you’ll recall from our “Frozen” On Ice almost-misadventure, my attempts don’t always go according to plan.  Remember this?

Holden's first trip to Disney on Ice @ohbotherblog

This time, however, not only did Holden actually wear the Anna dress, she let me do her hair in braided pigtails AND she wore a flower wreath on her head.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

(Notice that sweet cowlick? A straight part is never going to be in this girl’s future.)

She did have a brief freak-out once the dress was on, but I soon realized it was because she also wanted to wear her “bug” wings.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

(We had just gotten through a weekend of watching “Peter Pan Live” on repeat so she had a slight Tinkerbell obsession.)

Oh, and I went ahead and got dressed up too.


A photo posted by ohbotherblog (@nomiddlenamemeg) on

Why, yes, that is a fake-braid headband. I’m straight up bald in the front from having GB so my braid situation was not working out.

The dress is one I actually owned from a funny fancy-dress party in grad school. It’s literally 12 sizes too big and I had to pin myself into it.

I think we looked pretty cute, though–ridiculous dress and all.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

The tea party was adorable, with precious little “Frozen”-themed treats.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

Holden was very well behaved (at the start), and was so excited.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

She colored “Frozen” pictures.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

She met Anna.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

And Elsa. She was so starstruck.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

They sang songs.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

Holden, of course, had to steal the show. She even threw in a few forward rolls and twirls for good measure.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

They read stories.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

Notice Holden butted her way right on up to the front. At one point she even stood up, blocking the other kids’ view. Luckily, the rest of them were older and gracious to her being young and self-centered. There’s no real (quiet) way to push through a crowd to get your loud, stubborn two-year-old to sit down in this situation. I tried.

She even helped herself to Elsa’s throne.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

She really was good for 95% of the event. She did have a meltdown toward the end when we had to wait in line for the official photo with the princesses. She may or may not have thrown herself on the floor and screamed, but I had already paid the $15 for the photos, so we were getting them, dammit. Her crocodile tears stopped as soon as she approached Anna and Elsa.

And then she hugged and tried to kiss them. They were both very sweet about turning their head for a cheek kiss, even though Holden was clearly going for the mouth.

Overall, we had a (surprisingly?) great time. Even if I was one of the only adults who dressed up.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

I mean, look how happy she was:

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

I’ll make sure to show her these photos when she’s 15 and tells me she hates me on a regular basis.

"Frozen" Tea Party @ohbotherblog

birthday traditions


Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

So as per ushe, I’m totally late on this (like more than a week late), but Holdy’s second birthday was pretty great.

I forewent a big birthday party this year and instead we went to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

We continued the tradition of birthday pizza.

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

We wore hats and ate the delicious cake I made (by scratch! yes, me!).

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

And we had a Birthday Clock Photo success!

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

Oh and of course the tradition of a meltdown birthday photo is still going strong!

Holden's 2nd birthday @ohbotherbotherblog

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