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Ladybug Tattoos for Nanny 0

5 Years Later: Ladybug’s In Heaven

I had a really hard time finding this article that was written about my nanny after her death in 2011. I’m putting it here so I never lose it again. Mike Argento: Ladybug’s in...

Happy Holdyween - Disney Princess onesie and tutu @ohbotherblog 0

happy holdyween

Like a true diva, Holden had several costume changes over the course of Halloween, which has somehow turned into a two-week-long holiday. Here are some of our favorite moments. Happy Holdyween!

consigning halloween @ohbotherblog 1

consigning halloween

So I have a confession: I’m totally lazing out this Halloween. I mean, let’s be honest. Holden still has no idea what’s going on. She doesn’t really “like” anything enough to want to wear...

Cape May Bound @ohbotherblog 3

cape may bound

I’m leaving tonight for a girls’ weekend in Cape May with my mom, aunts, cousins and Holden. Going to Cape May has become a bi-annual tradition for us. We go every Mother’s Day and...

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