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a letter to my son on his third birthday


GB, Geebs, Geebo–

Well, kid, you’re three. A threenager, as they say nowadays, and boy does it show. I was rereading last year’s letter and it seems at two you were just practicing for the horror that was to come.

We both feel today has been too much one-on-one time. #pottytraining #mrgatsby #ohbotherblog 🍯

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I’ll be honest: the past month or so has been pretty rough. You get, um, explosively emotional sometimes and it seems most of your ire is directed at me. I say sometimes that you’re like an abusive boyfriend–you go from yelling and hitting me one second, to stroking my face and telling me I’m pretty the next. Sometimes, though, you’re very calm and you’re telling me and Holdy, “it’ll be alright.” So my sweet GB is still in there somewhere, but he’s a little more hidden than he used to be. It’s sort of a Bruce Banner/The Hulk situation, I guess.

"GB, why did you take your clothes off?" "To be like Bruce Banner." #hulkout

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Speaking of The Hulk, you are obsessed with superheroes. Spider-Man and Captain America mostly. You know all of the Avengers’ first names and like to use them: “Spider-Man Peter Parker” (or Petuh Pawkah in your accent), “Tony Iron Man.” You like to pretend you can climb the wall and you have Spider-Man shoes, shirts, hoodie and underpants.

Spidey testing out his climbing abilities. #ohbotherblog

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Weirdo #giventhecamelback

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Ah… underpants. We just did our potty-training bootcamp this weekend and it actually went pretty well. I did have to take home several bags of wet clothes from yesterday’s first attempt at school, but we’ll get there. You’re refusing Pull-Ups now, saying, “I’m big” with a shrug. It’s true, you are.

You started school this year at York Day Nursery. Your teachers are Miss Jennifer, Miss Sheryl and Miss Latasha. You thrive at school. You like to work with your hands and you are so creative. Your school likes to send little notes home with interesting things you’ve said throughout the day. The latest was when you were coloring with a yellow crayon you said, “I’m making sunshine!” You speak in complex sentences and you have an impressively large vocabulary.

York Day Nursery Valentine's Day party

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Of course, that vocabulary also includes curse words. Man, you have a filthy mouth; way worse than your sister ever had. The other weekend you were having a morning meltdown in my face so I removed you from my presence. You sat outside my bedroom, banging on the door, repeatedly moaning for me to, “open the fucking door.” Two days later, you were angry at me for not getting your milk (and I was angry at you for not asking nicely), and you yelled at me to, “get the milk, fucker!” I mean, you were using the terms correctly which makes me secretly proud, but obviously that’s not cool, dude. We’re working on it.

Your favorite food is scrambled eggs. You and your sister would eat breakfast for dinner every night if you could… and during Restaurant Week this year you literally did. You love “white milk” and “bars” and that’s about it. You need to eat, kid! Your lack of appetite drives me nuts.

Valentines #whatholdywore #mrgatsby #ohbotherblog 🍯

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Your sister is your best friend but you guys fight like cats and dogs. You’re at each others necks (sometimes literally) all night, and yet somehow you both choose to sleep together in the same bed every night. I’m so glad that you guys have each other and I hope you stay just as close as you grow… though it does make for some crazy evenings at our house.

Good morning. #ohbotherblog 🍯

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You’ve grown to love Sally, who sleeps with you guys every night. You’re warming to Brutus, though I understand having a large creature who’s literally 100 pounds larger than you bounding at your being might be a little frightening.

Best buds both had a big weekend. #brutus #mrgatsby

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You’re warm and curious and thoughtful. You’re funny. You’re reserved with people you don’t know. You’re my buddy. You really are a mama’s boy. Sometimes it’s a little ridiculous–you really should be wiping your own nose by now. But I’m glad you still like to give hugs and kisses and I’m secretly happy to still carry you around (sometimes. Not when my hands are full of bags and whatnot). 

Watchin' superheroes.

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Happy Birthday, Buddy. We love you.


father’s day – ode to my dad’s mustache


mustache cupcake for father's day @ohbotherblog

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Isn’t the mustache cupcake I got for my dad super cute? It’s from Just Cupcakes, the bakery that saved my ass last week when I messed up Holden’s smash cake.

I know mustaches have been all over Pinterest for the last couple of years, but I’ve for real been having a love affair with the mustache since the 1980’s. My dad’s been rocking the baddest mustache this side of the Mississippi since before I was born.

Ode to my dad's mustache @ohbotherblog

I mean, c’mon. That’s Selleck status right there. And so, I present:

Ode to My Dad’s Mustache

Hirsute appendage of my dad’s upper lip.
You’ve been in my life for as long as I can remember, albeit in many forms.
From Magnum P.I. to Tombstone to Hogan, sometimes accompanied by the soul patch.
You’ve remained a constant.
Trustworthy. Comforting.
Scratching my face during daddy snuggles.
Dripping with tea and toast crumbs during breakfast.
Commanding respect during scoldings.

He shaved you once when I was a child.
I’ll never forget when he opened the door to the bathroom, and you were nowhere to be found.
I was inconsolable. He was unrecognizable without you.

From black to salt and pepper to white (sorry Dad),
We’ve seen the world together.
You dropped me off at college.
You walked me down the aisle.
You brushed against my daughter’s cheek, as you once did mine.

I don’t say this enough, but you’re an important part of my life.
I love you.
In a completely genuine, not-ironic-hipster sort of way.
You and my dad make a great team.
Happy Father’s Day to you both.

happy mother’s day


Mom, Thanks for Squeezing Me Out Card @ohbotherblog“Mom, thanks for squeezing me out” card from witandwhistle

Happy Mother’s Day, ya’ll!

cape may bound


Cape May Bound @ohbotherblog

I’m leaving tonight for a girls’ weekend in Cape May with my mom, aunts, cousins and Holden. Going to Cape May has become a bi-annual tradition for us. We go every Mother’s Day and every October, over what would be my Nanny’s birthday.

Long story short: my Nanny loved going to Cape May with her daughters. In 2011, we all had plans to take her to Cape May for Mother’s Day. She died a week before our trip. We decided that we would all still go to celebrate her life and to spread her ashes on the beach (shh, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal).

Where we spread my Nanny's ashes in Cape May @ohbotherblog

During that first trip, we all decided to do something else to honor her: we each got a tattoo of a ladybug. Nanny loved ladybugs; she thought they were her lucky charms. So now we all have Nanny’s lucky charms with us forever. We’re The Ladybug Girls.

The Ladybug Girls: Daughters and Granddaughters all got Ladybug tattoos to honor their mother/grandmother. @ohbotherblog

Since Nanny’s death, we see ladybugs everywhere. The first time we visited Cape May for Nanny’s birthday, there were hundreds of ladybugs swarming the rocks near where we spread her ashes. Who ever heard of ladybugs on the beach? For my cousin’s daughter’s birthday, we found a ladybug inside the cake box. There was a ladybug at the pool the first time Holden went swimming. Ladybugs are our reminder that Nanny is always with us.

I can’t wait for another fun weekend with The Ladybug Girls and to spend my first Mother’s Day in a place I love with Holdy. Here’s hoping you get to spend your Mother’s Day with the ones you love.

All photos from the camera of my super talented cousin, Katlyn Marie.

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