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prepping for baby #2: padsicles, part two


In a previous post, I talked about the genius idea that is the padsicle. Now 34 weeks along, I’m getting a bit more serious about delivery and baby prep, so I decided it was time to make these suckers.

I used Tall Mom, Tiny Baby’s “recipe” for these ice-cold relief pads and made a few tweaks. So I present:

The Padsicle


  • The biggest freaking sanitary or incontinence pads you can find
  • Aloe vera
  • Witch hazel
  • Gallon freezer bags
  • Tall Mom, Tiny Baby recommends jojoba, lavender or tea tree oil. I couldn’t find jojoba or lavender oil at my CVS and I wasn’t into the thought of putting something as minty/eucalyptusy/medicinal-smelling as tea tree oil on my lady parts. And I was impatient and wanted to make these, so I forewent the essential oil on my padsicles.

post-partum padsicles @ohbotherblog

The Process:

  • Open the pads, but keep them on their backing plastic so you can re-wrap them.
  • Pour two tablespoons of witch hazel over the pad
  • Pour one tablespoon or so of aloe vera and mush it all over. I used the actual tablespoon to spread it out.

how to make padsicles: witch hazel and aloe vera @ohbotherblog

A fantastic friend of mine texted me before I made these to warn me that it’s not a more-the-merrier situation when it comes to the padsicle ingredients… meaning that the pad absorbs the ingredients and if you put on too much, the pad is less likely to absorb what you really need it to… if you get my drift.

  • Wrap the pads back up, and pack them inside a freezer bag.
  • Slip those bad boys in the freezer and they’ll be waiting for you after you get home from pushing that watermelon through your hoo-ha and you’ve run out of the ice pack-mesh panties-pad sandwich materials that you stole from the hospital.

Padsicles ready for the freezer @ohbotherblog

Tall Mom, Tiny Baby recommends sitting on a towel when using the padsicles. Duly noted.

Alright, Baby G, one step closer to being ready for you!

prepping for baby #2: padsicles, part one


32 weeks. It’s getting to be about that time—time to start prepping for the G Man’s arrival (I know—already?!).

About 17 months ago, I sent a link to a post I’d found online to a friend who was about to have her second baby. It was called, “A candid list of things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy.” I remember it being full of helpful advice, so I saved it to come back to before I had my second kid. And I saved it for one specific piece of advice in particular.

*If you have no desire to shatter the beautiful illusion of childbirth or femininity, or to hear about post-partum horrors or if you have any intention of wanting to feel any little bit of attraction toward me any time in the near future, please just stop reading now.*

The Padsicle

One of the (many) things no one tells you about childbirth is the havoc that a vaginal delivery will wreak on your lady parts. No one warns you that, after pushing your watermelon-sized bundle of joy through your hooha, followed by the afterbirth (which, spoiler alert: hurts almost as much delivery), you will be accompanied, shell-shocked and delirious, to the bathroom by your nurse, who will introduce you to your new bathroom routine for the next 2-3 weeks (at least).

She will hand you a Peri bottle (a squeeze bottle) that you must fill with water—water that you must squirt into your urine stream to dilute it so that you don’t burn the ever-living-hell out of your freshly-sewn flower every time you pee. “Peri” stands for perineum. Don’t Google it.

You’ll then be given the ingredients to assemble the Dagwood-esque sanitary pad sandwich that will comprise your undergarments for the near future:

post-partum padsicles @ohbotherblog

  1. The largest pad you’ve ever seen
  2. An ice pack
  3. TUCKS Medicated (witch hazel) Pads
  4. Epifoam, a steroidal foam to help with inflammation.

Stacked on top of one another, these items will all be held in place by extremely large, extremely stretchy (and honestly, extremely comfortable) mesh panties. If you care to see the process step-by-step, check out Emily’s post here on Real New Mom. She calls it the Undie Sundae.

Don’t get me wrong—I am by no means throwing shade at this process. Trust me, you will cry for the soothing nature of this pad sandwich when it feels like your vj is hanging down to your knees.

Pro-tip: Steal as many of the pads, ice packs, TUCKS Pads and mesh panties as you can from the hospital. Otherwise, you will find yourself crying to your SO to go to the store and buy the freaking-biggest-pads-you-can-find-I-don’t-care-if-they’re-incontinence-pads-for-old-ladies-dammit, whilst straddling a bag of frozen peas… I’m guessing, anyway.

So that’s why this time, I’m making me some Padsicles.

post-partum padsicles @ohbotherblog

A search for “padsicle” online brings up all sorts of fun articles on these little pieces of frozen heaven. I’m going to be using Mary’s recipe from Tall Mom, Tiny Baby.

I hit up the drug store today to get all the ingredients (plus some bonus epsom salt, cuz why not?). Stay tuned for a future post, in which I make these big mamma-jammas.

birth of the cuff belt


My friend Hilary, the super fashionable shop owner of Arthur & Daughters in York, PA, occasionally likes to stroke my ego and ask me to model for her. But when I get to wear gorgeous clothes and have my photo taken by The Susquehanna Photographic, how can I say no?

This time, I had the pleasure of wrapping A&D’s new private label cuff belt around my belly bump. The belt is handmade by Hilary’s dad, is $59 and is available in white or clear at her shop on Beaver Street in downtown York.

Arthur & Daughters cuff belt @ohbotherblog

Cuff belt from Arthur & Daughters @ohbotherblog

Cuff belt from Arthur & Daughters @ohbotherblog

Cuff belt from Arthur & Daughters @ohbotherblog

Cuff belt from Arthur & Daughters @ohbotherblog

a “great” gender (and name) reveal


So along with the nontraditional reveal for the gender reveal party, we went with a nontraditional theme as well… to go with the nontraditional name we’ve chosen for our baby boy. See if you can guess it before I tell you…

My mom’s friend made us this adorable “Hello Old Sport” chalk art sign that we displayed on the dessert table (which will eventually hang in the nursery).

Hello Old Sport Chalkboard Sign for a Gatsby Party and Nursery @ohbotherblog

JUST A VINTAGE SOUL Signs by Sue •Hand•Lettered• •Original•Designs• •Custom•Orders• •Special•Occasions• •Made in the US•of•A• ~sjavitt@gmail.com ~717-495-3423

The cupcakes were painstakingly handcrafted by Jess at Ladybug Baking Company.

Great Gatsby Cupcakes for a Roaring 20's Party @ohbotherblog

Sensing a theme?

An impromptu “photo booth” added to the fun.

Great Gatsby Photo Booth @ohbotherblog

Any guesses? I suppose it’s not entirely a surprise: I hinted at it months ago, even before I was pregnant… but baby #2’s name will be:

Gatsby William - baby boy name @ohbotherblog

Gatsby William. I guess I should start preparing for him to dislike his name, like I will probably have to for his sister!

an illuminating gender reveal party


Because we didn’t find out what we were having with my first pregnancy, I was pretty excited to hop on the gender reveal party train this time around. I’ve been to some super cute gender reveal parties where the big reveal was done with cakes, balloons, even a poem. So I, of course, wanted to do something a little different.

Sparklers played a fun role in our wedding reception, so I thought it might be cool to incorporate sparklers into the gender reveal.

Sparklers during your first wedding dance @ohbotherblog

(Yes, we’re dancing in a pool.)

I found colored sparklers online at weddingdaysparklers.com. They come in red, blue and green. I went ahead and ordered both red and blue to make sure I had them in time for the gender reveal (because I found out on Wednesday; I assumed I couldn’t order the correct color and have them arrive by Saturday without paying a rush).

Colored Sparklers for a Gender Reveal Party @ohbotherblog

I placed the correct-color sparkler into a basket for use during the big reveal. Luckily there’s no exterior indicator of color on the sparkler, so it was able to remain a surprise. Once it was time, we headed out to the back porch, armed with lighters, to see if the sparklers would light pink or blue.

Mr. B was finding out at the same time everyone else was, so we gave him a bit of a head start.

Colored sparklers for a gender reveal party @ohbotherblog

As you can see from the photos and the video, the blue color was faint at best (does this count as a Pinterest Fail?). You really have to wave the sparkler around to see just a hint of blue. I lit a red one as a test and it’s just as difficult to detect. So you got the point, but it wasn’t immediately obvious. If you’re set on a specific color for, say, a wedding, I’d probably skip these brand of colored sparklers.

I’ll share more on the baby’s name and accompanying party theme soon!

(thanks to Katlyn Marie Photography for the fantastic photos of the moment!)

baby #2 is a…


Blue Sparkler Gender Reveal Party - boy @ohbotherblog

I’ll post details about the gender reveal party tomorrow, but I figured I’d share the news tonight! Baby #2 is a boy!

(photo credit: Katlyn Marie Photography)

halfway – then and now


I’m now 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant, which is just over halfway through this pregnancy (I actually had Holden at 39 weeks, so I could technically be more than halfway, but you get me).

Here’s a then-and-now shot so you can see how my belly is progressing this time around.

20 weeks pregnant - first pregnancy and second pregnancy @ohbotherblog

I don’t know if I mentioned before, but I used The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly during my first pregnancy and I bought myself another one for this pregnancy because I’ve found it to be a great tool to record the weekly happenings of being knocked up.

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly @ohbotherblog

(photo from babble.com)

Looking back on my first pregnancy, I can see that I was just starting to feel the baby move at 20 weeks, my belly had just started to pop out and my gums were bleeding like I was Dracula.

This time around, I feel the baby move pretty regularly, the belly has been out for quite a while and my gums are relatively blood-free.

During my first pregnancy, I took a photo every week with the fruit or vegetable that represented the baby’s size that week. I’m totally slacking on that this time around, but in case you’re wondering… the baby is a banana this week!

Pregnant 20 weeks - baby is the size of a banana @ohbotherblog

And yes, I had my 20-week ultrasound today. Yes, I found out the sex of the baby. No, I’m not telling you what it is yet; you’ll have to wait until Sunday!

the angle of the dangle


Tomorrow is the day I find out whether baby #2 is a boy or a girl. I really wanted to find out what I was having when I was pregnant with Holden, but Mr. B wanted to keep it a surprise so I relented. Not this time! I’ve been obsessed with finding out. So much so that I even sought out some potential hints from my OB at my 12-week ultrasound.

And that, my friends, is where I learned about the Genital Tubercle Angle or… the Angle of the Dangle.

So, basically, by about 12 weeks into your pregnancy, the baby’s genitals look pretty much the same whether it’s a boy or a girl. The baby essentially has a little nub that will eventually grow into the penis if it’s a boy and the clitoris (kinda?) if it’s a girl.

At the 12-week ultrasound, the tech can try to take a scan of the baby from the side and look at the angle at which the nub is “pointing” to *somewhat* accurately determine the sex of the baby. If the angle is 30% or more to the baby’s spine, then it’s a boy; if it’s parallel or less than 30%, it’s a girl.

The Angle of the Dangle from baby2see.com @ohbotherblog

photo from baby2see.com

I’ll be honest. I’m not really sure I see it. But my OB took a look at my 12-week sonogram and made her prediction. We’ll find out if she was right tomorrow.

Here’s the scan. What do you think? Is baby #2 a boy or a girl?

baby #2's nub: the angle of the dangle, genital tubercle angle @ohbotherblog

p.s. I’m hosting the gender reveal party on Saturday night, so you’ll have to check back this weekend to find out!

why am i so tirezzzzzzzz?


Mommy-baby nap @ohbotherblog

So I avoided the terrible morning sickness in the first trimester of this pregnancy, but I’m making up for it with pure exhaustion and terrible headaches now in the second trimester. What’s up with that?

I honestly don’t know how I make it through the weekdays without napping. On the weekends, I nap whenever Holden does and I’m still ready to drop. It’s 8:30pm right now and I’ll be going to bed as soon as I finish this post.

I thought the second trimester was supposed to be the best? What’s going on here?

then and now: the first trimester


14 weeks pregnant then-and-now @ohbotherblog

So I’m about 14.5 weeks along, officially in my second trimester, and thought I would share a little then-and-now look, comparing my first pregnancy to this time around.

first pregnancy

Positive Test: Week 5
First Symptoms: Itchy boobs, out-of-breath going up stairs
Puke City: Weeks 7-15
First Ultrasound: Week 8
Cravings: Absolutely nothing sounded good to me
Weight gain: -4 pounds (so sick!)

second pregnancy

Positive Test: Week 5
First Symptoms: Belly bump (wha?)
Puke City: negatory, thank God.
First Ultrasound: Week 7
Cravings: saaaaaaalt
Weight gain: Let’s not talk about it. Okay, 7 pounds.

So there are a few things I’m noticing that are different this time around. First and foremost—yay!—I haven’t been nearly as sick as I was with my first pregnancy. In weeks 8-10, I felt a little bit queasy in the morning, but was starving by 10:30am—like I had to eat or someone will get shivved. I only actually vomited one time and that’s because I stupidly took my prenatal vitamin in the morning (don’t do it!).

Secondly, I’ve been getting headaches, *sad face*. I get migraines pretty badly, especially around my period. My first pregnancy was entirely headache free, so this is an unwelcome symptom with this pregnancy.

During my first pregnancy, I wanted orange juice all the time—like I would chug it from the carton. This time around, I’m leaning more toward salty things, especially cheese. But I seem to have an aversion to tomato sauce or anything tomato-based—even pizza, which is so not like me. Basically it was a game day decision everyday during my first trimester on what sounded palatable to me to eat.

My belly has been really itchy so I’m slathering cocoa butter on myself like it’s my job. I have little red bumps on my stomach, which my very scientific Internet search seems to indicate that I could be having a boy this time around—something with the extra testosterone? We’re actually going to find out this time, so that’s exciting!

This pregnancy is going by very quickly. And especially because I haven’t been feeling sick, I don’t necessarily “feel” pregnant. Is that weird?

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