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Home Sweet (New) Home


Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We’ve moved! Yes, again. 

As you may know, I’m pretty involved in the revitalization of our Downtown. I work for our economic development organization, I own a business downtown, I’ve joined the board of a local charter school. Everything in our lives was converging upon Downtown… so we decided to put ourselves there too.

So, we bought this charming old house, built in 1912. The house was actually purchased last year, but we allowed the current tenants to hang out for a bit. So, come this summer, they moved out and the renovation began.

One full month of work: paint, floors, lighting, bathrooms. We’re so happy with the results–it’s amazing what just a little facelift can do.

Living Room: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Dining Area: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kitchen: Before & After (the kitchen had been updated not too long ago, so luckily we didn’t have too much work to do here).

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Upstairs Hallway: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Playroom: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kids’ Room: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Kids’ Bathroom: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Master Suite: Before & After

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

Here are some of my most favorite rooms:

The Kids’ Playroom! 
The second floor of the house has three rooms all dedicated to the kids. Because they’re sharing a room (for now), we have room for a playroom and family room that’s all theirs. 

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

The Kids’ Bedroom!

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

The Kitchen!
We added the faux-tin backsplash and light fixtures as an easy pick-me-up. The little figurines on the cabinets are old liquor decanters painted by my Great Grandma.

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We even had time for a little DIY project in the few weeks since we’ve moved in. Funny story: I felt like the protruding wall in the living room was just begging for a faux fireplace mantel. A friend pointed out that there’s most likely an actual fireplace behind the wall–sure enough, there’s a chimney there! I’m not really into doing any more demo right now, so this faux fireplace will have to do in the meantime:

Faux Mantel Project @ohbotherblog

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

We have a friend painting a chalkboard hearth for us to go inside–I can’t wait to post the final results!

We absolutely love living Downtown. We take a walk every night, we visit playgrounds, ride our bikes on the Rail Trail, walk to Downtown shops and restaurants, flag down the ice cream truck, check out local historical buildings, play Pokemon-Go and talk to our neighbors. I’ll share more as we continue to settle in!

Downtown York PA living @ohbotherblog

escape artist: holdy’s crawling out of the crib


When your toddler escapes the crib @ohbotherblog

So it finally happened: Holden has crawled out of her crib. I opened the door to my bedroom this morning and there she was, standing in the hallway. There had been no thud; no crying. Just Holdy and her bedhead, ready to shake up the status quo I had been enjoying for so long.

I’ve been dreading this day since I first took notice of Holden’s athletic prowess as a 7-month-old. I was hoping we’d be able to skip this stage and I’d be able to just transition her to the toddler bed when we were both ready… but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

Here’s my dilemma: My plan was to keep Gatsby in a bassinet in my room for the first three months, which would bring us about to Holdy’s second birthday. At that point, I was going to transition Holdy across the hall to her big girl room and toddler bed (which has a twin-size mattress, but is low to the ground and has side rails). The room is already quasi-set up and Holdy likes to play in the room, but she hasn’t napped or slept there yet.

Today, after the escape, I wanted to see if Holdy would nap in her big girl room. She said she wanted to and seemed excited about it, but when the time actually came, she wanted to go back to the nursery for her nap.

So what do I do?

I did put a baby gate up at her nursery door now so she can’t just go traipsing about the house. The nursery is baby-proofed and I have a video monitor in there.

Should I move the toddler bed over to the nursery for a few months to make the transition one step at a time? Go for it all at once? This may be a good time to remind you that I have a 3-week-old and am already not getting much sleep myself, haha. Don’t even get me started on the fact that she’s ready to potty train and I’m not…

Argh, toddlers, amirite?

the snoring twenties: gatsby’s nursery


 36 weeks and counting. Though I’m planning on keeping baby #2 in a bassinet in my room (and Holden in the nursery) for the first couple of months, the (teeny tiny) nester inside of me wanted to prep the nursery for his arrival.

As you can see, I actually did very little to change the nursery from Holden’s room to Gatsby’s. A chair swap, a new lamp (from a yard sale), a new mirror (from Target), and an update in some of the wall art counts as redecoration for me. Though, simple may be better in keeping with literary accuracy:

His bedroom was the simplest room of all — except where the dresser was garnished with a toilet set of pure dull gold.

Okay, I don’t have a toilet set of pure gold. Here’s Gatsby’s nursery anyway.

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog

We’re almost ready for you, buddy!

Nursery for a baby named Gatsby - @ohbotherblog


sweet{heart} chalk art


Hand-lettered Chalk Art by Lily & Val @ohbotherblog

I’m a winner! I was super psyched to learn that I won my choice of a hand-lettered chalkboard print by Lily & Val through a Facebook contest.

Chalkboard artist and typographer, Valerie McKeehan, lives in Central PA (near me!). I fell in love with the custom chalkboard signs she had created for my friends’ wedding. Her work is whimsical yet rustic, and so fun.

Valerie creates each piece entirely by hand, from sketch to slate, hand lettering each design on a chalkboard surface. The design is then professionally photographed and the photograph is used to produce fantastic prints and note cards. Valerie will also create custom chalk boards for weddings and events.

So that left me with the tough task of choosing which print I wanted. I mean, definitely go check out all of these amazing prints so you can understand what I was dealing with. Song lyrics, famous quotations, cute culinary sayings, a mojito recipe…

So what did I go with?

Lumineers Ho Hey quote chalkboard print by Lily & Val @ohbotherblog

I chose the lyrics to The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey,” my “theme song” from my first months with Holdy. Adorable, right?

And… exciting news: Lily & Val will have an exclusive line of holiday themed wall art at TJMaxx for the 2013 season. Be sure to check it out!

full disclosure: holden’s nursery


So I’ve been feeling the need to confess something and, in the spirit of this blog and its attempt to make everyone feel better about not being the Pinterest wizards we all pretend to be, I’m gonna do it.

Okay. In our old house, Holden’s nursery was pretty much the cutest.

Holdens Nursery - Before @ohbotherblog

pic from my friends at Ready. Shoot. Sell.

It was featured on Apartment Therapy and was adorable, nbd. Whatever. Let’s be honest, I bought everything on etsy and made nothing myself, but nonetheless, I was pretty proud of it.

Flash forward to now, three months in our new house, and this is what Holden’s nursery currently looks like.

Holden's nursery now @ohbotherblog

I should probably be embarrassed to show you that, but oh well. Let’s break it down: the room isn’t painted, we haven’t hung anything, I have a freaking diaper box chilling out in the open. There. Don’t we all feel a little bit better?

So there you have it: the ugly, honest truth. We’re planning on hanging some of her nursery pieces this weekend. Hopefully that will make a difference, but I feel like without painted walls, it’s never going to be as cute. I’ll post an update after some of the stuff is up!

holden’s obscene baby blanket


My Nanny (grandmother) died two years ago today. She was a strong, stubborn, funny woman and I believe I got my trucker’s mouth from her. One of her favorite sayings was “damn good”: “Nanny, how was your dinner?” “Damn good.” “Nanny, how are you feeling?” “I’m doing damn good.”

To honor her and to give Holden an idea of how special her Nanny 1 was, I had her pajamas and some *select* tshirts made into a custom baby blanket from 3stitchcreations on etsy. I’m pretty sure I have the only baby blanket on the planet that includes the word “damn” and an f-bomb. Nanny would be so proud. (Yes, I’ll be packing the blanket away once Holden learns to read.)

Custom baby blanket made to honor pinner's Grandmother - "F--- Cancer" and "Damn Good" @ohbotherblog

Nanny actually predicted my pregnancy on her deathbed. I hope she would think I’m a damn good mom.

holden’s nursery


Holden's Nursery

Full disclosure: this is Holden’s nursery in our old house, which we moved out of in February 2013. All the pieces still exist in our new house, but I’ve been lazy about hanging the artwork, mobile, bunting pennant… okay, well pretty much all of the decoration. Plus the walls aren’t painted. Meh, I’ll get to it eventually.


Read more about Holden’s nursery on Apartment Therapy.

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