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happy 8 months, GB


happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

Look at me: I’m actually posting on the date! GB is 8 months today. (and yes, that is a bite mark in his tie sticker. All will be revealed).

Weight: An 16.9-pound turkey, wearing size 3 diapers.

Likes: being held, eating, being “hugged” by his sister, flying in the air, being tickled, belly raspberries, grabbing his feet, “talking,” grabbing at everything, trying to steal people’s food, “petting” Sally/grabbing at her fur, jumping in his bouncer

Dislikes: GB has been going through another I-want-to-be-held-all-the-time phase. He’s recently shown the first signs of being “strange” (what they say around here when a baby cries when someone other than his mom holds him). He’s often hangry. I believe he has some teeth pushing through.

Eats: Recently he’s been doubling-down on the milk and not wanting to eat solids as much. I can’t imaging why because spinach/pea/pear sounds delicious to me.

Sleeps: Like a boss. Rarely any issues in the sleeping department.

Accomplishments: Sitting up by himself… until he falls forward into a full-on Paschimottanasana position (Google it). He’s starting to look like he wants to crawl. I swear he can mimic my hands drumming on the table (I’m talking matching rhythm and beats and using both hands). He waves hello and goodbye! I think he miiiiight be signing “milk.”

Pretty much he’s a genius.

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

Also, he’s super curious and wants to put his hands on everything.

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

And then put that everything in his mouth.

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog 

Also, I love his crazy hair so much. 

happy 8 months GB @ohbotherblog

Happy 8 months, buddy.


happy birthday, sal


Happy Birthday, Sally @ohbotherblog

Today is Sally’s 8th birthday. In honor of Sal’s special day, I wanted to recreate this amazing birthday photo we took last year:

Photo Fail: Dog's birthday party @ohbotherblog

I’ll give you two guesses how it turned out… So instead of one fantastic photo, here are nine terrible ones:

Photo fail: Dog's birthday party @ohbotherblog

In show business, they say never work with children or animals. When will I learn?

pics of the day – 7.25.13


Pics of the Day July 25 2013

My mom likes to text me “pics of the day” while I’m at work and she’s watching Holden. Today and tomorrow, I’m out of town for a Google training seminar for work and Holdy is staying with my parents. I’m bumming, but I figured I’d share the adorable pics of the day I got today. No clue what this new fascination is with her tongue. My little weirdo.

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