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independent play


independent play
In the past few weeks, Holden has been playing independently for longer stretches of time. I listen to her babbling to herself and carrying her stuffed animal friends from one spot to another. I peek over and see her putting her blanket on her baby doll and reading to herself.

It’s reassuring that she’s getting to the point that she can entertain herself a bit more, especially with baby #2 coming (in 6 weeks or less!). And I have to admit that it’s a nice change of pace from her wanting my attention every second of the day (and her crying and reaching her hand under the door every time I had to pee).

But there is a part of me that feels slightly bad for taking a break on the couch or sneaking some work in while she plays by herself. Shouldn’t I be teaching her something or quizzing her on animal sounds? I sometimes have to stop myself from interrupting her.

But… that’s a prettttttty small part that feels bad. (I’m totally writing this blog post from the couch while she plays quietly behind me.) I’m doing this right, right? This isn’t like me being a bad mom?

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