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play date!


Holden had her first official play date this past weekend. By official, I mean it was her first time playing extensively with a child close to her age and development level.

The girls got along pretty well during their play date. They played together and they played independently side by side. They climbed and swam (briefly) and ran and slid. Laurel pushed Holdy around in various vehicles. They gave each other kisses, which was adorable. Especially when it’s like pulling teeth to get Holden to give me a lousy peck.

In general, Holden appears to be a good sharer so far. In fact, she will thrust toys in other kids’ faces and then get offended when they don’t take them. I… guess that’s a good sharer, right? Sometimes she’ll pretend to give a kid a toy and then snatch it away. Not so great sharing there.

This play date was the first time I’ve seen Holden get jealous and cry over a toy she wanted that someone else had. Or try to push someone out of the way to get what she wanted. The old distraction tool seemed to work well for both girls and the meltdowns were minimal. It’s going to be really interesting to see how her sharing skills progress with more socializing. Hopefully I won’t have the kid who’s the jerk in preschool or at the playground…

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