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ohbotherblog Christmas Card 2017 0

Happy Ohbotherdays 2017

I’ve pretty much given up on ever printing and mailing Christmas Cards ever again, so here’s what we’ve got. It’s my pleasure to present the (digital) 2017 ohbotherblog Christmas Card: Here are past years’...


Happy Ohbotherdays 2016

Okay, so the printing and sending of Christmas cards is not happening this year, but we did manage a tripod-timer photo shoot, so give me some points for that. So it’s my pleasure to...

the oh bother christmas card 2014 @ohbotherblog 1

merry christmas from oh bother

If you’ll recall from last year, Christmas Eve is almost the bigger holiday for me and my family, so I like to think of today as Christmas Eve Eve. Here’s this year’s Christmas card–and...

Minted Holiday Cards @ohbotherblog 0

ohmygod I have to send christmas cards

So… I just realized that it’s getting to be mid-December soon and I haven’t thought about Christmas cards until this very moment. In our Pinterest-loving, Facebook-best-parent-competition society, non-photo Christmas cards won’t do. And iPhone...

Calmish and Bright Christmas Card @ohbotherblog 0

happy holdydays

Merry Christmas from us to you.

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